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Download Hamraaz Army App version 6 Apk 2018 - 2019 Check Pay Slip, Service Information & Hamraaz Army App Helpline Number. Hamraaz Army Application Download, Hamraaz Army version 6 APK Download Latest Version 6 . Hamraaz Army APK Download for version 6 Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Hamraaz Army App for Check Payment, Hamraaz Mobile App Download APK. This ANDROID based mobile App has been developed exclusively for serving soldiers of Indian Army by the technical team of Army jawans (Adjutant General's Branch (MP-8) for communication of their service and pay related information to them on their mobile phones. This App can not be used by civilians.
New Features In Hamraaz Army App version 6 Apk
1. Vesion Hamraaz 6.0 App
 2. Features of individual Specific Notification
 3. Important Notification of common Interest
 4. Submission and Monitoring of Grievances
 5. Online chage of AFPP Fund and some additional features etc.

What Features are Added in Hamraaz Army App? ::

1. There will be no charge for the Hamraaz Mobile Application Download Apk and it is made freely available for all the soldiers.
2. Version 2.79 and 2.70 are available on the given link. The Major difference is that some security features are not up to the mark in 2.79 version whereas major bug fixes with the 2.70 version.
3. Are you wondering and looking for the tutors how to make use of the Hamraaz app, you don’t need to be as in this article you will find an easy and appropriate way to operate Hamraaz army app which helps you in easy managing option which are available with this Hamraaj army app download.

How to Download Hamraaz Army App? ::

1. Hamraaz army app is specially developed for serving soldiers and for normal citizens it has made not available and not given any permission to make use of this app even though Hamraaz App Free Download is available.
 2. In Google Play Store, you can’t find this app for downloading you can find this app in the website link
3. So you need to sign up if you would like to see the details like Pay slips, salary details, and other salary related things.

4. Click the link stated above, then you need to save SD card or any other storage device.

5. Make Unknown source enable from the Android phone setting and thus find install operation instruction as once the Hamraaz Army App is downloaded

How to Operate and Use Hamraaz Army App? ::
1. So, there is the as simple way to operate as you Download Hamraaz Army App. First, the most thing you have to do is to sign up for this app.

2. While entering details for signing up, you have to enter valid Aadhar card details which is made mandatory for every Hamraaz app users.

3. There is also need to have some other details of Army-related terms which is also important for signing up for Hamraaz Army App.

4. So once Download Hamraaz Army APK File, and then activation is done, then you can have access to view Salary Slip, Salary Pay, Pay Slip and other payment details within the mobile.

How to Open Downloaded Payslip in Hamraaz App :: You need a special password to open your payslip. To know that password. See Below what is your password of the Hamraaz Army App.

Password and Username:: Hamraaz App Play Slip Password :: Pass of Hamraaz App is 8 digit. The 8 digit password consist of first 4 digit number is your first 4 digit number of pan card first 4 digits of your enrollment number :: For example, if your first four-digit of PAN card is ACUP and Enroll date is 13 March 2017 then finally your password will be ACU1303. That means default password will always have 8 alphanumerics

Password of Hamraaz App – Pay Slip Password :: You can even download Payslip where you need to sign in with the username and password given to you during the signup process after Download Hamraaz Army App. See below image for more details about Hamraaz army app.

Hamraaz Army App OTP and Password Problem Solved

Hamraaz Army App : Forgot password? Here’s the solutionIf you have forgotten your password, just click on “Forgot Password” option and then follow these simple steps:

After taping on “Forgot Password” you will be redirected to a page where you have to enter your Aadhaar number.

After that, you have to enter the date of enrollment in the form dd/mm/yyyy

Now you have to answer the security question. Make sure you answer the right answer provided by you at the time of signing up the process.

After providing all the necessary information, tap on proceed. it will take a second to verify the provided information. After that, you can enter a new password.

Hamraaz Army App : I don’t have Aadhaar registered number, now?If currently you are not using your Aadhaar registered number or have lost or not in use anymore, you can’t sign up. But don’t worry, you can register a new phone number by visiting the nearest Aadhaar Kendra. Remember these things:

Registering a new number with Aadhaar is an offline process. For this, you have to visit an authorized Aadhaar enrollment center.

While verifying your registered phone number is an online process. For this, you can visit the official website of UIDAI.

How to create a password?If you are facing any problem while creating a password, I will help you to do the same. Your password should contain at least one capital letter (A, B, C…), one small letter (a, b, c…), one numeric value (1, 2, 3…) and one special character (@, #, $…). After successfully creating the password, note it down and keep it confidential.

All the admins of belong to the army background. We understand how much this app is important for you. But if you still face any problem, share it in commnet box below. Try to elaborate your problems in more specific manner. Do stay tuned with for further updates
Support & Helpline Number For Hamraaz Army App :: If you want to know more, (Official Hamraaz Army App support number). Alternatively, you can email on : Hi Dear Friends if Any Problem  Contact on Facebook, download hamraaz army app, hamraaz army app download free, hamraaz army app update, hamraaz army app customer care number, hamraaz army app download free download, hamraaz army app download latest version, hamraaz army app latest version, hamraaz app 3.6 download, hamraaz app latest version, hamraaz app army, hamraaz app pay slip password, hamraaz app download free, hamraaz apps download, news about hamraaz app, hamraaz app indian army, hamraaz app, hamraaz army, hamraaz apps, hamraaz app download, hamraaz army app, download hamraaz army app, hamraaz indian army app, hamraaz app 3.6 download, hamraaz app DOWNLOAD HAMRAAZ ARMY APP BELOW DOWNLOAD LINK

Download Hamraaz App on iPhone Mobile?Currently, the app is unavailable on iPhone devices so you cannot down it right now. You can download and enjoy the full functions of this app only on Android devices.

Unable to Install Hamraaz App? (Install blocked from unknown sources error)
1. First of all, download the Hamraaz App from given link
2. Then go to settings
3. Now select Security Settings there
4. After that simply enable “Installation from unknown source”

Click Here Download Free Latest Version of Hamraaz Army App

Tokenisation has become one of the preferred methods of card payments in Western countries. Now, it comes to India.
The economy grew at a 7.2% rate, but RBI estimated a growth of 7.4%.

Indian Economy Is World’s Fastest Growing; Again Beats China In Annual Growth At 7.2%

Indian Economy Is World’s Fastest Growing - Debit/Credit Card Frauds Will Be Stopped Using ‘Tokens’
Indian Economy Is World’s Fastest Growing - Debit/Credit Card Frauds Will Be Stopped Using ‘Tokens’
India has reached new levels today in the economy field, and this is something to be very proud of! Indian economy has bagged the title of ‘Fastest Growing Economy’ and this is not the first time – although it is a tad bit lower than what RBI suggested.

RBI estimated growth in the current economy of about 7.4% in the current fiscal year that ends in March (2018-19), but the economy grew at a 7.2% which is also worth appreciation. 6.75% growth was recorded in last year, 2017-18.

Private Consumption and Indian Economy

S .C. Garg, the secretary of economic affairs praised the growth of the Indian economy, saying that it is a very advance GDP growth numbers for 2018-19. He also remarked that India remains the fastest growing major economy globally.

The chief economist at rating agency Crisil D.K. Joshi said that improvement in private consumption and a stable election outcome will play an important role in sustaining the upswing in overall investments. He also said, “Private consumption was a sore spot with its growth slipping a new to 6.4% from 6.6% as farm incomes and rural wage growth remained weak. The real agriculture GDP growth was strong at 3.8% from 4.5% suggesting farmers are realizing less from their produce.”

Reports in Detail

As per reports, the manufacturing sector is estimated to grow by 8.3% in 2018-19, which is more as compared to last year’s 5.7% while farm sector will grow by 3.8% as compared to last year’s 3.4%. Construction field is set to grow at 8.9% compared to last year’s 5.7%. Financial, real estate and insurance segment was at 6.6% and is expected to grow up to 6.8% this year.

As per D.K. Joshi, the service sectors, which contributed to a large part of India’s growth, have been giving poorer results since several quarters in the past, which is a cause of worry.

On the other hand, growth in government final expenditure is estimated to be at 9.2% compared to 10.9% of last year. “Pick-up in investment is largely government spending from outside the budgeted expenditure, likely from PSU’s and state governments. Private investment has to substitute for this investment for the run-up to be sustainable.”

Conclusively, economic growth of China is expected to be slower than usual and India will again be the fastest growing major economy globally.

Debit/Credit Card Frauds Will Be Stopped Using ‘Tokens’; RBI Allows ‘Tokenisation’ Of Card Payments

In a major innovation related to card payments, which includes both debit and credit cards, Reserve Bank of India has allowed ‘Tokenisation’ of card payments.

How will it stop frauds? And how does this work?

Keep reading to find out more!

‘Tokenisation’ of Card Payments: The Need

Generally, consumers save their debit or credit card details with any service provider,  to make payments smooth, and easy. Often, this is a mandatory requirement as well.

For instance, say Paytm, Amazon or Flipkart. Users save their cards details with these service providers for future payments, and the payment is often done with a PIN or password or sometimes just the CVV number.

However, in case any such service provider/website/app gets hacked, then users’ card details can be compromised, and data stolen.

To avoid this scenario, RBI has now allowed ‘Tokenisation’ of card payments, which will avoid such frauds/data theft.

‘Tokenisation’ Of Card Payments: How Does This Work?

‘Tokenisation’ works on the principle of a virtual card, which is also called tokens here.

In this system, instead of saving the actual card details: name, card numbers, expiry date etc, the user will be able to generate a unique ‘token’ or a virtual card for a specific service.

Whenever the consumer is required to make a payment, they can use the token, and an additional authentication PIN to finalize the payment.

Now, this unique token will have three aspects:

  • Card details
  • The token requester (for example Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm) and
  • Identified device (example being your mobile phone or tablet/laptop)
Each such tokens would be unique for a service, and the same token cannot be used elsewhere, which provides better security.

Risks Reduced In Card Payments

Such tokens mask the actual debit/credit card details and help the consumer to protect them. Such unique tokens can be applied to:
  • Contactless transactions (Near Field Communication/Magnetic Secure Transmission based transactions)
  • In-app payments
  • QR code-based payments and more.
Moreover, the end user can also limit the amount of money transacted in every token, specific to that service.

However, the only drawback is that the card issuer and the service provider will be required to appoint a third party to implement this tokenisation system. Having said that, the card issuing company will have the responsibility to ensure safety and security of this whole process.

RBI is expected to issue more guidelines and regulations for this new concept of card payments, which has become quite popular in Western countries.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

The e-ticketing arm of Indian Railways, Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) offers various options for booking tickets for the convenience of the passengers. (SOAS.IN) These options include paying through mobile wallets, debit/credit cards, and net banking. The passengers, however, have to pay a transaction fee while booking their tickets through these gateways. (Fun2Ind.CoM) The changes are different for different wallet users. For example, a passenger who is booking his/ her ticket through the Paytm Wallet has to pay a charge of 1.80% + applicable taxes of the ticket price amount. Meanwhile, SBI Buddy charges Rs 10 + applicable taxes from the passengers on tickets.

IRCTC train booking Online: How much PayTm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, other wallets charge; check full list

IRCTC train booking Online: How much PayTm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, other wallets charge; check full list
IRCTC train booking Online: How much PayTm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, other wallets charge; check full list

Here is a list of amounts that are charged by the e-wallets, according to

  • ITZ Cash Card - Rs. 10/- or 1.5% whichever is lover
  • I Cash Card   - 1.5% per Transaction
  • Oxigen Wallet   - 1.80% + Applicable Taxes
  • PayTem Wallets   - 1.80% + Applicable Taxes
  • Mobikwil Wallet   - 1.80% + Applicable Taxes
  • mRupee Wallet   - Transaction Charge NI
  • Freecharge Wallet - 1.80% + Applicable Taxes
  • SBI Buddy   - 10/- + Applicable Taxes
  • OLAMONEY Wallet   - 1.30% + Applicable Taxes
  • I Cash Vard   - 1.5% Per Transaction
  • Airtel Money   - 75% + Applicable Taxes

The passengers can also avail IRCTC's secure online payment via its e-wallet service while booking tickets. This scheme allows the passengers to deposit their money in advance with IRCTC. This money can be used by the passengers anytime while booking their tickets at a later date.

IRCTC eWallet users will be verified and authenticated through their PAN or Aadhaar in an Online Verification Process. It also offers secure booking through IRCTC eWallet by providing Transaction Password/ PIN Number that is required to be entered for every booking done through IRCTC eWallet.

In case of ticket cancellation, the due refund will be credited to the passengers' IRCTC eWallet account next day. The eWallet account has a validity of 3 years from the date of registration of the scheme and the account renewal does not require any Fee payment.

Steps to register and book tickets through IRCTC eWallet:

1. Login to IRCTC with your existing IRCTC user id and password.
2. Click the "IRCTC eWallet Registration" link under IRCTC eWallet Section in the "Plan my travel" page.
3. Complete Verification process by providing PAN OR Aadhaar and other details.
4. Deposit one-time registration fee of Rs.50/-(Excluding Applicable Taxes) online with any of the available payment options.
5. Membership fee and Redemption is subject to change at the discretion of IRCTC.
6. Credit the IRCTC eWallet account with the minimum deposit of Rs.100/- and top up with the required booking amount. Maximum amount permitted in user's account is Rs. 10,000.
7. Pay ticket booking amount through IRCTC eWallet which is displayed as a payment option along with other Banks.

According, the registration fee is Rs 50 + applicable taxes (non-refundable) and transaction charge is Rs 10 + applicable taxes per transaction. The ticketing arm also mentions that no cash refunds or redemption are allowed. IRCTC e-Wallet balance can only be used for booking railway tickets.

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What Is PAN Card?

How To Apply For PAN Card Online/Offline In India- PAN Card (short form), well known as Permanent Account Number Card in the nation is not a new thing in India. The first time, PAN Card was issued on 12th January 1964. Basically, it has been designed with a special structure of a PAN Card number code for the use of identification and income tax details purposes. Irrespective of the fact, whether it is a PAN Card number of India’s richest person OR the president of the prime minister of India, PAN Code number will fall in the format – AAAPL1234C. In short, under section 139A of the Income Tax Department, Permanent Account Number Card is issued throughout the nation for, mainly for Indian Nationals only.

In fact, PAN is not limited to Indian Citizens only. For any foreign citizen as well, if anyone is found interested to set up his/ her business in India or wish to invest in India, will have to go through the procedure of obtaining the PAN Card. Thus, today, in this in-depth guide, we’ll let you know the step by step procedures of PAN Cards in two cases. The first case is to obtain a very brand new PAN card online. In this, complete details of How To Get A New PAN Card Online will be taught to you.

How To Apply For PAN Card Online/Offline In India (2019) Correction/New

How To Apply For PAN Card Online/Offline In India (2019) Correction/New
How To Apply For PAN Card Online/Offline In India (2019) Correction/New
Next, if you’ve received a PAN Card and found any errors later OR you’ve shifted to a new place, thus wanted some changes in the PAN Card, in this case, we will teach you, How To Edit/ Make Corrections in PAN Card Online. Just to let you know, this is a Government matter and it should 100% legalised from all the side. Getting two or more PAN cards is completely illegal and has a fine charge of rupees 10,000 if caught. So don’t expect any such illegal trick from in any form of content.

Here, each character which is used in the PAN Card number has a particular meaning, like for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – E is used. For Trust (AOP) – T is used and Individual (Proprietor – P is used). For Artificial Juridical Person – J is used and for Local Authority – L is used. For HUF (Hindi Undivided Family) – H is used and for Government identifications – G is used. For Firms, F is used and for a Company – C is used. For Body of Individuals (BOI) – B is used and for Association of Persons (AOP) – A is used.

Searches related to How To Apply For PAN Card mainly includes – Duplicate PAN Card Online, PAN Card Download, PAN Card details, PAN Card Application Form, UTI PAN Card, PAN Card Online Print, PAN Card Correction Form and View PAN Card Online. Here, we also want to disclaim that in near future, along with upcoming Artificial Intelligence and latest technology, steps to Get the PAN Card may change or vary, thus the steps mentioned below are completely accurate keeping in mind what works in October 2018 (and upcoming nearby months). Even if the changes are observed, please make sure to keep in mind that steps will be uploaded on official website of PAN Card which is

Documents Required For PAN Card?

There is an unexpectedly long list of documents required for applying for PAN Card offline and online. But, we’ve divided in the same into three parts – (i) documents which are expected as a proof of identity, (ii) documents which are accepted as a proof of date of birth and (iii) documents which are expected as a proof of address. So let’s begin with the first things first –

List of All The Documents Required for Making PAN Card and are accepted as a proof of Date of Birth

  • Affidavit mentioning the Date of Birth of individual and is undersigned by the Magistrate.
  • Domicile Certificate (Mool Niwas Pramaan Patra in Hindi) issued by either State Government or Central Government of India.
  • PPO or Pension Payment Order, mainly for Government Employees.
  • Marriage Certificate, issued by Official Of Marriage Registrar.
  • Passport of an Individual.
  • Driving License of an Individual.
  • Aadhar Card of an Individual.
  • Certificate of Birth issued by Indian Consulate
  • Matriculation Certificate from a recognized board
  • Birth Certificate which is issued by any office or authority which is specifically authorized to issue the Death Certificates as well, eg. Municipal Authority.

List of All The Documents Required for Making PAN Card and are accepted as a proof of Identity

  • Pensioner Card copy with Applicant’s photograph
  • Central Government health scheme
  • Arm’s License
  • A certificate issued by an authorised Bank of India that should be duly attested
  • containing applicant’s photo and the bank account number
  • Photo ID Card which is issued by Central Government, State Government or any undertaking of the public sector like University or College
  • Driving License
  • Ration Card having applicant’s photo
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport, Voter ID Card.

List of All The Documents Required for Making PAN Card and are accepted as a proof of Address

  • Property Registration Documents
  • Allotment letter of accommodation issued by Central or State Government of note more than three years old
  • Driving License
  • Domicile Certificate Allotted by Government
  • Latest Order for Property Tax Assessment
  • Passbook of post office account containing the applicant’s address
  • Statements of Credit Card
  • Statements of Bank Account
  • Passport of Spouse
  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID Card containing a photograph
  • Bills for Broadband connection
  • Landline connection bills
  • electricity bills etc.

Why PAN Card Is Important Document To Have?

  • Without PAN Card You Cannot File Income Tax Returns: Each and every PAN Card issued to the people on Planet, have one thing in common i.e. “INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT” written on them. All those who are eligible for Income Tax in India (keeping various conditions of Government of India in mind), it is mandatory to file IT Returns. And, it is not possible to file one without PAN Card.
  • Without PAN Card You Cannot Open A Bank Account: Reserve Bank of India has even made it mandatory for all the Banking institutions irrespective of the fact that whether it is a private or Governmental bank, before opening the Bank Account of an individual, one has to have a PAN Card details submitted.
  • Without PAN Card You Cannot Purchase A Jewellery: On 7th October 2017, Jewellery sector captured the headlines that “Now no PAN Card required for Jewellery purchase of over Rs. 50,000.” But what if you’re going for a 5 Lakh Jewellery purchase, the owner of the shop will have to issue the receipt with PAN Card details uploaded to the required website.
  • Without PAN Card, Foreign Exchange Is Not Possible: Thinking of leaving the nation for some official or unofficial work and going to foreign. First of all, not having a PAN card will bring uncountable hinderances in your passport making procedure. And, later, foreign exchange is not allowed without a PAN Card.
  • Without PAN Card You Cannot Have Telephone Connections: Telephone connections and New SIM cards have always been a field of high security. Reason being, any kind of fraud, assault or unusual crime can be proved successful with the help of Calling/ SMS/ Multimedia etc. Now, if you want to set up any of these, having PAN Card as a part of important identity proof is mandatory.
  • Benefits Of Having A PAN Card
  • Helps In Buying & Selling Property: These days, owners are not those who used to be a couple of years back. At the time of renting their property, first, they ask for Advanced Payment and along with that, PAN card, as a part of identity proof. PAN Card also works as an ID Proof in the case of buying and selling a property.
  • Helps In Receiving Heavy Loan Amounts: Whether it is an educational loan, personal loan, car loan, business loan or anything, All banking and financing institutions have already been ordered by Reserve Bank of India that it is mandatory to submit the PAN card details of the individual interested in taking loans at the time of submitting of application.
  • Works As A Strong Proof Of Identity: There are few aspects of rules and regulations in India, in which age matters a lot. Like marrying in the society, minimum age of 21 years for men and 18 for women. Making a driving license, minimum 18 years of age. Thus, either you’re applying for a Passport, or a Driving License etc., PAN Card works as a proof of identity and age proof as well.
  • Helps In Getting a Debit Card or Credit Card: It is mandatory for each and every individual living in India to meet the criteria set by the Government of India, in fulfilling the Income Tax. No bank of a financial institution is allowed to issue any kind of Debit Card, Credit Card or Payment Card if your PAN Card is not valid.
  • Helps In Cash Deposit At Any Bank Of India: According to the new rule of Reserve Bank of India, which is mandatory for all other banks in the nation, if a person deposits more than 50,000 Indian National Rupee in cash, the cashier will have to submit the PAN Card details of the individual as well. Thus, not having a PAN card, in this case, can create a problem.

How To Apply For PAN Card? New PAN Card Application Form

Before going to the steps, just learn about the exact amount you need to pay off getting PAN Card. Just remember that the amount is totally different for Indian and Foreign Citizens. But Rs. 5 (Indian national rupee) is common in both the cases as an online transaction charge. To Apply for a new PAN Card, any Indian Citizen will have to make the online payment of Indian National Rupee 116 (+ Rs. 5 as an online payment or transaction charge). And, if a foreign citizen is looking for making a new PAN Card in India, he/ she will have to pay a total of rupees 1020 (+ Rs. 5 as an online transaction payment charge). Using below mentioned easiest possible steps, you can Apply Online for PAN Card online –

STEP 1: See, 8 August 1996 founded Indian central securities depository based in Mumbai – National Securities Depository Limited or NSDL. And, 1993 founded IT Service Managment Company – UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited or UTIITSL, both are given the official and authentic contract to apply for PAN Card online. Thus, you can visit an official website of any of the two. Here, is the official website of National Securities Depository Limited. And, is the official website of UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited.

STEP 2: Once click on the above link on the official website, you will be redirected to a URL – On this page, starting with the top, from the side of Tax Information Network of Income Tax Department, there are two options initially, Apply Online and Registered User. Here, you will have to go for Apply Online. Just the Application Type from the drop-down menu out of – New PAN – Indian Citizen (Form 49A), New PAN – Foreign Citizen (Form 49AA), Changes or Correction in Existing PAN Data/ Reprint of PAN Card (No changes in existing PAN Data). Forget the third one if you’re applying for the first time. And, select out of first and second option accordingly.

STEP 3: Now switch over to Category and select any one out of the following from the drop-down menu – Individual, Association of Persons, Body of Individuals, Company, Trust, Limited Liability Partnership, Firm, Government, Hindi Undivided Family, Artificial Juridical Person, Local Authority. Now switch over to Applicant information which holds conditions like 1. Initials are not permitted in the first and last name. 2. Applicant’s identity proof, proof of address and proof of date of birth should contain the exact name as mentioned in this field. Now, select the Title, Enter the last name/ surname, first name, middle name, date of birth/ incorporation/ formation, email ID and Mobile Number. Next enter the right Captcha Code and press Submit button.

STEP 4: Now comes the most crucial step i.e. Submission of documents, the appropriate list of which you just read above. Now, this can be done through three major methods. Either you physically deposit all the documents to NSDL office. The second option is to scan and upload the documents online on NSDL website. And, third and easiest is to just provide your Aadhar Number and remaining documents will be automatically verified by NSDL through Aadhar ID. 

STEP 5: If you choose to go with Aadhar Card only, you will just have to go through OTP (One Time Password) and Direct Payment option. The procedure of going through the AO Code or Assessing Officer Code is extremely simple but seems extremely complicated because of terminology only. It is as simple as merely selecting correct choice out of four i.e. Government Category, Defence Employees, Foreign Citizens and NRI and Indian Citizens etc. Further, there are remaining personal details needs to be entered while choosing the AO Code i.e. you need to select your state and area of residence.

STEP 6: Here at this point, AO code becomes a little bit complicated, when keeping different categories in mind like companies, non-salaried people, government servants, private sector employees, etc., you will have to select your AO Code. But, the good part is, your CA or Chartered Accountant can help you out with this. List of all the AO codes will automatically appear on your screen just a few seconds after you have successfully and correctly opted out for the State and Area or Residence. Once you click on the correct AO code, it will get automatically filled up in the form.

STEP 7: Now you will just have to select the documents you have submitted as a Proof of Identity, Proof of Address or Proof of Age or Date of Birth. The next step is to make the successful online Payment. Nearly 120 rupees will have to be paid by the Indian Citizens online. After successfully making the online Payment, you will be sent an Email containing each and every detail of the procedure. You can track your PAN card as well through that mail only, thus keep the details saved with you for future references.

How To Change Address In PAN Card?

Irrespective of what the reason it is, if you’re willing to change the address in your PAN card, just follow the below mentioned steps.

STEP 1: First of all, visit the official website of NSDL or National Securities Depository Limited i.e.

STEP 2: Find this written on the page – “Select the category of the applicant,” keep scrolling down until you get this.

STEP 3: Before clicking on the select button, choose your category from the drop-down menu out of (individual/partnership firm/association of persons/body of an individual, etc.). For most people, it would be individual.

STEP 4: After entering all the personal details, checking the box inside for which you make the corrections, enter the PAN number at the right place and following the remaining easy steps given there.

Complete Correction/ Editing Guide for PAN Card

In the editing or correction procedure of PAN Card, in a major, though you will have to go through four detailed steps i.e. Guidelines, Personal Details, Contact and Other Details and Document Details. Apart from that, when you tick as the applicable address for communication out of residence and office, Important instruction for paperless PAN application through e-KYC (only for Individual) are provided by the board. 

1. The address used in the Aadhar Card would be used in the PAN application as residence address and no need to fill residential address. 

2. PAN Card will be dispatched at the address mentioned in Aadhar Card.

3. If the length of address as per Aadhar Database exceeds the length as specified by Income Tax Department then you will not be able to avail e-KYC service. In the beginning, the first step is same as when Applying for New PAN Card. Visiting above mentioned links of NSDL website is mandatory. Thereafter, instead of selecting the New PAN Application Form number, candidates should go through “Changes or Correction in Existing PAN Data/ Reprint of PAN Card (no changes in existing PAN Data).” Next option is to fill all the required details and click on the submit button.

For any queries related to How To Apply For PAN Card Online/Offline In India, please make sure to comment below. We’re not yet closed, have lots of interesting reads for you by, make sure to go through below provided links –

Finally, the list of all FTA or Free-To-Air channels is out, as shared by the broadcasters with TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

This list of FTA channels, which are free to air, and can be accessed by anyone having any dish is crucial, as users only need to pay Rs 130 plus GST to access them.

Besides, users of DD Free Dish can access these FTA channels as well, after paying Rs 130 plus GST.

TRAI New Cable TV Rules: How FTA Channels Will Work

Under TRAI’s new rules, a user of cable or DTH is eligible to access 100 FTA or Free to Air channels, under the base pack, wherein Rs 130 (plus GST) is charged as network connect fee.

Now, in case that customer has chosen only 60 FTA or Free to Air channels, then he or she can choose 40 more and complete the list. However, in case the user chooses pay channels, then extra amount needs to be paid, as determined by the broadcaster and the cable operator.

Complete List Of 230 + Free-To-Air (FTA) Channels Under The New Cable TV Rules

Complete List Of 230 + Free-To-Air (FTA) Channels Under The New Cable TV Rules
Complete List Of 230 + Free-To-Air (FTA) Channels Under The New Cable TV Rules
Adding extra channels would incur Rs 25 for a slab of 20 channels, as mentioned by TRAI.

Complete List Of FTA Channels

Hindi Channels

  • Dangal
  • DD India
  • DD MP
  • DD National
  • DD Rajasthan
  • DD Bharti
  • DD Kisan
  • Divyarashi
  • Gemporia Direct
  • B4U Movies
  • Cinema TV
  • Enter 10
  • Maha Movies
  • Skystar Movies
  • Wow Cinema
  • 9X Jalwa
  • B4U Music
  • Mastii
  • Music India
  • Songdew
  • ABP News
  • DD News
  • India News
  • India TV
  • JK 24 *7
  • Loksabha TV
  • News Nation
  • Rajya Sabha
  • Sudarshan News
  • Total TV
  • Aastha
  • Aastha Bhajan
  • Arihant
  • Disha TV
  • Divya TV
  • Ishwar TV
  • Jinvani
  • Mahavira TV
  • Paras Gold
  • Mahavira TV
  • Paras Gold
  • Sanskar
  • Satsang TV
  • Homeshop 18
  • Nt 1
  • ShopCJ
  • DD Sports

Bengali Channels

  • Aakaash Aath
  • DD Bangla
  • Ruposhi Bangla
  • Dhoom Music
  • Music Faatafaati
  • Sangeet Bangla
  • Bangla Times
  • Kolkata TV
  • News Time

Malayalam Channels

  • Amrita TV
  • DD Malayalam
  • Flowers
  • Jai Hind
  • Janam TV
  • Jeevan TV
  • Kairali
  • Kappa TV
  • Kaumudi TV
  • Mazhavil Manorma
  • Mazhavil Manorma HD
  • Media One
  • We
  • Safari TV
  • Asianet News
  • Raj Musix Malayalam
  • Mangalam
  • Manorama News
  • Matrubhumi
  • People
  • Reporter
  • Raj News Malayalam
  • Darshana
  • Harvest TV
  • Power Vision TV
  • Shalom
  • Nt 3

Marathi Channels

  • DD Sahyadri
  • Maiboli
  • Fakt Marathi
  • 9X Jhakkas
  • Sangeet Marathi
  • Jai Maharashtra
  • Saam TV
  • TV9 Marathi

Kannada Channels

  • DD Chandana
  • Kasturi
  • Ayush TV
  • Saral Jeevan
  • Public Movies
  • Public Music
  • BTV News
  • Dighvijay 24 * 7 News
  • News 9
  • Public TV
  • Raj News Kannada
  • Suvarna 24 * 7 News
  • TV1 News
  • TV5 Kannada
  • TV9 Karnataka
  • Sri Sankara
  • Naaptol Kannada

Odiya Channels

  • DD Odia
  • Kalinga News
  • Kanak News
  • MBC TV
  • OTV
  • Prameya News 7

English Channels

  • 9XO
  • Al Jazeera
  • India Ahead
  • Republic TV
  • Russia TV
  • God TV
  • Goodness TV
  • Peace of Mind

Tamil Channels

  • MK Six
  • Captain TV
  • DD Podhigai
  • Imayam TV
  • Kalaignar TV
  • Malai Murasu
  • MK TV
  • Murasu
  • Peppers TV
  • Polimer TV
  • Puthu Yugam
  • Siripoli
  • Super TV
  • Thanthi TV
  • Vasanth TV
  • Vendhar TV
  • 7S Music
  • Isaiyaruvi
  • MK Tunes
  • Sahana TV
  • Captain News
  • Cauveri News
  • Kailinger Saithi
  • Lotus News
  • Makkal TV
  • News 7
  • Polimer News
  • Puthiya Thalainga
  • Sathiyam
  • Tamilan TV
  • Velichan TV
  • Angel TV
  • Madha
  • Nambikkai
  • Sai TV
  • SVBC 2
  • Win TV
  • Naaptol Tamil

Punjabi Channels

  • DD Punjabi
  • PTC Punjabi
  • Pitaara TV
  • MH1 Music
  • PTC Chakde
  • Chardikala Time
  • PTC News
  • MH1 Shraddha

Urdu Channels

  • DD Urbu
  • DD Kashir
  • Gulistan News
  • Channel Win

Gujarati Channels

  • DD Girnar
  • ABP Asmita
  • GS TV
  • Sandesh News
  • TV9 Gujarati
  • V TV

Asamese Channels

  • DD NorthEast
  • Jonack
  • Nepal One
  • Rang
  • Rengoni
  • Ramdhenu
  • Assam Talks 24
  • DY 356
  • NewsLive
  • Prag
  • Protidin Times
  • Bhojpuri
  • Anjaan TV
  • Dabang
  • DD Bihar
  • Bjojpuri Cinema
  • Shaandaar
  • Sangeet Bhojpuri

Telugu Channels

  • DD Saptagiri
  • DD Yadagiri
  • Studio One+
  • Vanitha TV
  • Raj Musix Telugu
  • 10 TV
  • 99 TV
  • ABN Andhra Jyoti
  • AP 24 *7
  • CVR English
  • CVR News
  • CVR Health
  • Hm TV
  • Mahaa News
  • Mojo TV
  • NTV News
  • Raj News Telugu
  • Sakshi TV
  • Studio N
  • T News
  • TV1
  • TV5 Telugu News
  • TV9 Telugu News
  • V6 News
  • Aradhana
  • Bhakti TV
  • CVR Spiritual
  • Divyavaani TV
  • Hindu Dharman
  • Rajumargan TV
  • Subhavaartha TV
  • SVBC
  • Naaptol Telugu
Here is the list of all FTA channels, along with Pay channels, as shared by TRAI on their website.

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The GST (Goods and Service Tax) Council has announced a huge cut in GST, giving us Indians one more reason to rejoice! The new rates are to be effective from Tuesday, January 1, 2019.

As per reports, the 28% slab has been reduced largely and reserved for sin goods and luxury items and cement, large screen TV, Air Conditioners and dishwashers.

Consumers Beware! These 26 Items Became Cheaper Due To GST Cut Effective January 1st, 2019

Consumers Beware! These 26 Items Became Cheaper Due To GST Cut Effective January 1st, 2019
Consumers Beware! These 26 Items Became Cheaper Due To GST Cut Effective January 1st, 2019
WelCome All User Previously, at the introduction stage of GST, high rates were applied on daily use items, which put common man in trouble. Goods were categorized into 3 slabs – 28%, 12%, 5% and 0%. But the new law that will be implemented has reduced GST on many items, even exempted GST on necessary items like sanitary pads and rakhis, etc.

Consumers Beware! These 26 Items Became Cheaper Due To GST Cut Effective January 1st, 2019

Here are the details:

28% to 18%

  • Computer monitors and TVs of screen size up to 32 inches.
  • Pulleys, transmission shafts, and cranks, gearboxes etc., falling under HS Code 8483
  • Re-treaded or used pneumatic tires of rubber;
  • Power banks of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are already at 18%. This will bring parity in GST rate of power bank and lithium ion battery.
  • Digital cameras and video camera recorders.
  • Video game consoles and other games and sports requisites falling under HS code 9504.

28% to 5%

  • Parts and accessories for the carriages for disabled persons

18% to 12%

  • Cork roughly squared or debagged
  • Articles of natural cork
  • Agglomerated cork

18% to 5%

  • Marble rubble

12% to 5%

  • Natural Cork
  • Walking Stick
  • Fly ash Blocks

12% to Nil

  • Music Books

5% to Nil

  • Vegetables, (uncooked or cooked by steaming or boiling in water), frozen, branded and put in a unit container.
  • Vegetable provisionally preserved (for example by sulphur dioxide gas, in brine, in sulphur water or in other preservative solutions), but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption.

Exemptions on services

  • GST rate on cinema tickets above Rs. 100 shall be reduced from 28% to 18% and on cinema tickets up to Rs. 100 from 18% to 12%.
  • GST rate on third party insurance premium of goods carrying vehicles shall be reduced from 18% to 12%.
  • Services supplied by banks to Basic Saving Bank Deposit (BSBD) account holders under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) shall be exempted.
  • Air travel of pilgrims by non-scheduled/charter operations, for religious pilgrimage facilitated by the Government of India under bilateral arrangements, shall attract the same rate of GST as applicable to similar flights in Economy class (i.e. 5% with ITC of input services).
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What do job seekers look for in a company the most? They look for companies that can offer them growth, better pay, benefits among other things. In other words, companies that are good places to work for. The Economic Times does an annual report on "India's Best Companies To Work For", which has 100 firms on the list. As the year comes to an end, we revisit the report. Here are best 25 tech companies to work for in India as per the list:

2018’s 25 best technology companies to work in India

2018’s 25 best technology companies to work in India
2018’s 25 best technology companies to work in India

​SAP Labs: Ranked 1

SAP Labs was ranked the number one company on the list. The company has one of the better empowerment programs and policies.

​Intuit India: Ranked 2

At Intuit India, employees are known to get flexible work options, wellness benefits, parental along with great facilities.

​Adobe Systems: Ranked 4

Adobe claims to take a lot of pride in employee diversity. It also holds training exercises and events for its woman employees. It is also known to offer significant health and education benefits.

​Indus Towers: Ranked 11

The company which has installed more than 1.2 lakh telecom towers across the country is placed at number 11 on the list of top 100 companies.

​Vodafone India: Ranked 13

Vodafone, according to the report, has several initiatives running to reward employees.

​Pitney Bowes Software India: Ranked 20

Based out of Noida, this software firm has supportive work culture. It also offers higher education benefits to its employees.

​Kantar’s Global Delivery Centre: Ranked 22

Growth prospects and innovative training programmes are among the key reasons why this company finds a place on the list.

​PayPal India: Ranked 24

Considered to be an employee friendly place, Paypal also offers better growth opportunities.

​John Deere Technology Centre: Ranked 27

Based out of Pune, this technology centre provides a global working environment and offers people-friendly policies.

​Cadence Designs Systems: Ranked 28

Known to offer innovative HR policies that are designed according to the diverse needs of the employees.

​BMC Software: Ranked 31

A company that makes employees its ‘ambassadors through its Extended Employee Referral programme. Known to get regular feedback in improving work environment for the employees.

​Aspire Systems: Ranked 35

A better work-life balance and a conducive work environment are among some of the benefits that the company offers.

​Atria Convergence Technologies: Ranked 38

Not only for its employees, Atria Convergence also has programmes for their children.

​ Ranked 39

For a healthy work environment, this company has something called Ohana culture. Under this, employees are responsible for each other and it promotes a motivational culture.

​Kronos Incorporated: Ranked 44

Benefits offered by this firm include assistance in child education and extended paternity leave.

​HERE Solutions: Ranked 45

People-friendly policies along with a lot of other benefits brings this company on this list.

​Shriram Value Services: Ranked 48

This company focuses on creating perfect work-life balance for its employees.

​YASH Technologies: Ranked 54

A company that is known for following people-centric culture and offering growth opportunities.

​Impetus Infotech: Ranked 63

Organic meals, concierge services, commuting facilites and wellness programmes are amongst the top benefits offered by the company.

Ericsson India: Ranked 74

Like many other companies on the list, creating work-life balance is a key reason that merits Ericsson India a place on the list.

Tata Communications Limited: Ranked 78

Tata Group is known to be one of the better places to work with. Tata Communications is one of the companies that is part of the group.

​HP: Ranked 88

HP India is also known to be one of the best companies that offers several benefits among other things to its employees.

​Hitachi Consulting Software Services: Ranked 90

Technology solutions and IoT aren’t the only thing this consultancy firm offers as it is considered one of the best companies to work in India.

​Infostretch Corporation: Ranked 98

Infostretch finds the 98th spot in the list.

​Intelenet Global Services: Ranked 99

Intelenet is a global business process outsourcing firm.

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