The e-ticketing arm of Indian Railways, Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) offers various options for booking tickets for the convenience of the passengers. (SOAS.IN) These options include paying through mobile wallets, debit/credit cards, and net banking. The passengers, however, have to pay a transaction fee while booking their tickets through these gateways. (Fun2Ind.CoM) The changes are different for different wallet users. For example, a passenger who is booking his/ her ticket through the Paytm Wallet has to pay a charge of 1.80% + applicable taxes of the ticket price amount. Meanwhile, SBI Buddy charges Rs 10 + applicable taxes from the passengers on tickets.

IRCTC train booking Online: How much PayTm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, other wallets charge; check full list

IRCTC train booking Online: How much PayTm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, other wallets charge; check full list
IRCTC train booking Online: How much PayTm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, other wallets charge; check full list

Here is a list of amounts that are charged by the e-wallets, according to

  • ITZ Cash Card - Rs. 10/- or 1.5% whichever is lover
  • I Cash Card   - 1.5% per Transaction
  • Oxigen Wallet   - 1.80% + Applicable Taxes
  • PayTem Wallets   - 1.80% + Applicable Taxes
  • Mobikwil Wallet   - 1.80% + Applicable Taxes
  • mRupee Wallet   - Transaction Charge NI
  • Freecharge Wallet - 1.80% + Applicable Taxes
  • SBI Buddy   - 10/- + Applicable Taxes
  • OLAMONEY Wallet   - 1.30% + Applicable Taxes
  • I Cash Vard   - 1.5% Per Transaction
  • Airtel Money   - 75% + Applicable Taxes

The passengers can also avail IRCTC's secure online payment via its e-wallet service while booking tickets. This scheme allows the passengers to deposit their money in advance with IRCTC. This money can be used by the passengers anytime while booking their tickets at a later date.

IRCTC eWallet users will be verified and authenticated through their PAN or Aadhaar in an Online Verification Process. It also offers secure booking through IRCTC eWallet by providing Transaction Password/ PIN Number that is required to be entered for every booking done through IRCTC eWallet.

In case of ticket cancellation, the due refund will be credited to the passengers' IRCTC eWallet account next day. The eWallet account has a validity of 3 years from the date of registration of the scheme and the account renewal does not require any Fee payment.

Steps to register and book tickets through IRCTC eWallet:

1. Login to IRCTC with your existing IRCTC user id and password.
2. Click the "IRCTC eWallet Registration" link under IRCTC eWallet Section in the "Plan my travel" page.
3. Complete Verification process by providing PAN OR Aadhaar and other details.
4. Deposit one-time registration fee of Rs.50/-(Excluding Applicable Taxes) online with any of the available payment options.
5. Membership fee and Redemption is subject to change at the discretion of IRCTC.
6. Credit the IRCTC eWallet account with the minimum deposit of Rs.100/- and top up with the required booking amount. Maximum amount permitted in user's account is Rs. 10,000.
7. Pay ticket booking amount through IRCTC eWallet which is displayed as a payment option along with other Banks.

According, the registration fee is Rs 50 + applicable taxes (non-refundable) and transaction charge is Rs 10 + applicable taxes per transaction. The ticketing arm also mentions that no cash refunds or redemption are allowed. IRCTC e-Wallet balance can only be used for booking railway tickets.