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WhatsApp Facebook-owned WhatsApp introduced its stickers feature last year for both Android and iOS users. Since, its launch the feature became quite popular and people are now using them to wish their friends and family on various festivals and occasions.
On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, WhatsApp is allowing its users to send stickers and wish their family and friends. So, in case you also want to use WhatsApp stickers to send Sankranti wishes then follow these below mentioned steps.

How to send Makar Sankranti stickers on WhatsApp

How to send Makar Sankranti stickers on WhatsApp
How to send Makar Sankranti stickers on WhatsApp

For Android users

Step 1: Firstly, you need to open the WhatsApp and then click on the smiley icon to access the exiting stickers pack.
Step 2: Now you will notice the stickers icon placed next to the GIF button 
Step 3: Tapping on the stickers icon you will be able to access the sticker store which consist of all the various sticker packs
Step 4: Now you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Get more stickers' options in order to get the new Makar Sankranti related stickers
Step 5: Once you click on the option it will take you the Google Play Store
Step 6: Now you will see various sticker apps and from the list you can download the Makar Sankranti related stickers
Step 7: Once the download is complete then you have to open the app and tap on the 'Add to WhatsApp' option
Step 8: After completing the process you will be able to access the Makar Sankranti stickers in WhatsApp and can also send them to your contacts. 

For iPhone users  

Step 1: The iPhone users don't have an option of downloading any new stickers from App store but there is an option using which they can also wish Makar Sankranti to their friends
Step 2: If you have an iPhone and you receive any Makar Sankranti sticker, then all you need to do is mark the received sticker as Favourite
Step 3: After marking a sticker favourite you will be able to send it to your friends  In order to mark a sticker favourite all you need to do is long press on the sticker and tap on the Star option
Step 4: Once done you have to click on the stickers option placed in the text bar. After this you will find star icon under which you will have all the favourite marked stickers

WhatsApp Stickers for Christmas: The latest offering from this app took India by storm during Dhanteras and Diwali. This was amply clear from the massive number of messages that were exchanged by users. Now, Christmas is looming large and people are all set to shoot off their messages again. Fortunately, WhatsApp Stickers for Christmas can be turned into unique messages too and all users have to do is wave the magical wand that has been put in their hands by the app. The result is so unique that you will have unique cards that no one else will have. In this world of mass produced look-alike goods, this is an amazing power to have.

Create WhatsApp Stickers for Christmas; Express your feelings in full, this is how

Create WhatsApp Stickers for Christmas; Express your feelings in full, this is how
Create WhatsApp Stickers for Christmas; Express your feelings in full, this is how
WhatsApp Stickers for Christmas are open for both Android and iOS users and they don't have to hold back at all to express their feelings and send greetings to their near and dear ones. 

We tell you here how to create your very own WhatsApp Stickers using these simple steps:

1. First go to Google Play Store and search for Sticker maker for WhatsApp app
2. Download the app and run it on your smartphone
3. You just need to click option on “Create a new sticker pack” 
4. You should enter the sticker pack's name and author. This process is just for descriptive purposes as it won't be accessible to other WhatsApp users.
5. You can tap on the new list option to open with empty stickers tray
5. You need to first add the stickers pack’s icon and then tap on the next tray to add new customised sticker
6. Now tap on empty tray to add a new sticker. You will be asked to either take a new photo or import one from your gallery
7. As soon as you select the photo, it will be uploaded on an image editor. Now crop the image for a new sticker
8. You can save the image and repeat these steps to have more custom stickers of your choice
9. After completing the process of adding stickers to the pack, tap on the Publish Sticker Pack option
10. Now you will be asked to add these stickers to your WhatsApp account, accept and use your new custom stickers

In case, you do not want to create your own WhatsApp stickers, then the app also provides inbuilt stickers which you can download from the platform itself. 

Notably, WhatsApp is also rolling out stickers in regional languages including Malayalam, after launching this feature in English and Hindi.

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