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The new direction regarding the prices in the TV industry passed by Trai last year took the DTH industry by storm. All the DTH and cable service providers were rushing to migrate their subscribers to the new packs and prices. However, to the relief of the users, Trai extended the deadline for the implementation thus providing them more time to make the switch. This migration process also revealed a lot of loopholes in the system and the subscribers got a chance to do a reality check about their DTH service providers. While some subscribers complained about channels being missing, others were troubled by crashing websites. It is pretty evident that a lot of subscribers might also change their service provider in the same period. In case you are in a similar situation and wondering what each of the DTH providers is offering, here is our quick take.

Best DTH Provider After New Trai Mandate: Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, D2h or Sun Direct?

Best DTH Provider After New Trai Mandate: Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, D2h or Sun Direct?
Best DTH Provider After New Trai Mandate: Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, D2h or Sun Direct?
1. D2h raced ahead of other providers in the migration process, but its consumers are still facing a lot of issues
2. Sun Direct, Tata Sky and Dish TV did away with additional slab NCF charges to attract more customers.

Tata Sky

Tata Sky is easily one of the biggest DTH service provider in the country. After the Trai mandate though, the operator was slow to list the new channel packs and pricing. However, it is safe to say that Tata Sky has done a commendable job of introducing a smooth migration process for the subscribers. After the mandate, Tata Sky has launched tons of HD and SD packs for the subscribers in regional languages as well. There are also Mini-packs in the portfolio and combined with the straightforward app and website based migration process Tata Sky has managed to stay on top of the preference list of a lot of subscribers. The operator also remains ahead of other operators by boasting as many as 65 exclusive channels.


Notably, D2h was the first operator to respond after the Trai mandate came out back in October. The operator was also quick to start the migration process ahead of others and hoped for subscriber addition to its existing base in the interim. Later the operator introduced many combo plans and topped them up with add-on packs in SD and HD and many packs in regional languages as well. Recently, D2h has also put out information about additional connections as well, noting that subscribers can avail them by only paying Rs 50 as flat NCF.

However, D2h subscribers have faced and are still facing a lot of issues related to various channels. In fact, most of the consumers are still not able to reach the company’s toll-free number for clarifying their doubts.

Dish TV is also offering similar combo packs to the consumers since it’s the one who operates D2h.

Airtel Digital TV

Bharti Airtel’s DTH wing also boasts of an impressive subscriber base of more than 15 million in the country. The operator, after the Trai mandate, introduced many channel packs for its subscribers. To ease up the process in a better way, Airtel Digital TV also made it possible for the subscribers to select their new channels via the Set-Top Box only. The operator also launched lots of regional channel packs, but as of late Trai has put Airtel Digital TV in crosshair after some subscribers of Airtel Digital lodged their grievance about missing channels and black screens although the problem was quickly resolved soon after.

Sun Direct

Sun Direct is a prominent DTH provider in the south, and it is safe to say that although the provider does not boast of a widespread network in the North, it has established a solid stronghold in South India. Further, the move of completely doing away with additional slab NCF charges made Sun Direct an attractive choice for a lot of subscribers. Following in the lines of other DTH providers, Sun Direct has launched new channel packs, regional channel and add-on packs in HD, SD.


After weeks of noticing the happenings in the DTH industry, we have noted that in terms of the number of channels and number of channel packs, ease of migration and customer service Tata Sky is the DTH provider which has managed to satisfy the subscribers to a large extent. The provider had also launched a similar offer as Sun Direct by doing away with NCF on select channels. With that being said, it is also worth noting that as the days pass DTH providers are easing into the migration process, and the move to the new Trai plans along with the customer service can be expected to improve for all DTH companies in the coming weeks. Do let us know what you experienced with your DTH provider in the comments section below.

How To Choose Channel In Videocon d2h As Per TRAI – In this today’s guide on, we will surely be talking about How To Choose Channel In Videocon d2h As Per TRAI?

Besides, we have also planned to bless you with step by step guide on this latest and trending tech topic related to D2H in millions of homes in India.

Thus, after reading this complete guide, you will be able to create your own pack after TRAI New Rules 2019.

But, first of all, you will have to take a look at the overview of TRAI new rules for DTH and Cable Operators.

Also, you are requested to not to skip any step. Following which, there are chances that you will not be able to understand the next steps better.How To Choose Channel In Videocon d2h As Per TRAI?

How To Choose Channel In Videocon d2h As Per TRAI

How To Choose Channel In Videocon d2h As Per TRAI?
How To Choose Channel In Videocon d2h As Per TRAI?
TRAI’s new rules for DTH and cable operators come into effect from February 1st. Now, January 31st is the deadline for the customers to choose their channels.

These new rules will make your cable television bill lower. Here’s what you need to keep in mind. First, rules apply to DTH companies like your Airtel, Tata Sky, Dish TV etc. and your local cable operator as well.

Now keep in mind that the deadline is January 31st 2019. So you better pick your packs quickly.

Under the new rules, there will be a subscription of new packs plans and bouquet offerings. Companies have to ensure that there is no disruption of service till 31st January 2019.

TRAI has said that there will be no blackout of any signal or feed before this deadline. The base subscription price is now rupees 130 per month. Channel prices are capped at rupees 19 being the maximum.

With the new rules, customers now only have to pay for the channels which they watched. Many DTH operators like Airtel, Dish TV etc. have already put out the base prices of each channel.

Further, TRAI’s website also has the pricing for each channel provided by the broadcaster as well. Now, customers have to pay a base fee of Indian national rupees 130/-.

Which will have a hundred channels in it. And, these will include the free-to-air channels as well, like those from Doordarshan.

Subscribers who opt for more than a hundred channels can choose additional channels in each slab of 25 channels. Add, rupees 20 first lap.

Keep in mind that taxes will also be added to this. Broadcasters have also announced bouquet packs and price of each channel. Users can add these to the rupees 130 base pack.

Once again, taxes means the bill will actually be higher. TRAI says the idea with the new framework is that the consumers will be able to choose or pay for channels. Or, pay for channels of their choice only on a card basis.

Or in the formula book, which is made by the broadcasters as well as the distributors. For instance, all your star channels might come in a bouquet pack for which you will have to keep paying a monthly cost.

Overall, it tries new rules, you will be paying rupees 150, plus minimum for the tier of hundred channels.

For any special channels, you will have to pay extra and again this is per month pricing. TRAI has already declared that the DTH companies, local cable operators, will have to make the process easier for customers.

And, the customers have to be made aware of all the plans that are being offered. Users can go to the website of the provider and see the option or call up a helpline and ask for details.

The new framework is supposed to help users, make an informed choice when it comes to cable television.

Remember that recharges can be done anywhere i.e. either on various recharging apps like PhonePay, Paytm, Google Pay (Tez) etc. or on the official website.

Now, just keep in mind that is the official website to solve various purposes of D2H Videocon apart from just a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual recharges.

Keeping in mind the latest rules and regulations of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), in the footer section of videocon official website, various statements have been released as given below.

The figure of 650 channels and services is the total number of channels and services available on the platform.

The channels / services / features / multiple audio feeds / packages / prices can be added or deleted or modified at the sole discretion of the company without any prior notice.

The company shall not be responsible or liable for disconnection / removal / unavailability of any channel/s on its platform if the channel/s is/are not made available from the Broadcaster’s end.

Prices of all channel Subscription plans, Add-Ons, A-La-Carte channels, Value added services / Active service channels, Long term entry offers, Monthly recharge prices, Long term recharge offers, Multi room offers shown on the website are exclusive of 18% GST. Customer needs to pay 18% GST extra on prices displayed.

Also, focussing on latest updates from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, TRAI, Videocon D2H has released the new and most sold plan i.e. “Mera Wala Plan – BASE + A-LA-CARTE.”

In this, it has been clearly mentioned that the Standard Charges for Single Channel: Rs. 12.7 per month for SD and Rs. 21.2 per month of HD are there.

There are two major benefits of the same i.e. Freedom to choose your favourite channels and the second benefit is that – Flexibility to pay for only the channels you choose.

There is also one very special offer running i.e. Activate 3 or more channels and Enjoy Special Price of Rs. 8.5+ per month per channel for SD (Standard Definition) and Rs. 17+ per month per channel for HD Channels.

Apart from these details in the consumer corner section, users can also learn about the d2h recommended combos, Basic Service Tiers (FTA), a-la-carte channels pay & FTA, Broadcaster Bouquets, Create your own pack, CPE Schemes, Manual of Practice, Network Capacity Fee (NCF), Contact Details, Disconnection and Restoration, Complaint Redressal Process, Subscription Process of a-la-carte, Subscriber Corner, Procedure for new connection, Relocation of connection, Availability of customer care programming service with its LCN, Consumer Application Form and Add-ons. Recharges can be done separately for all three types of Set Top Box that is – 1. Digital Set Top Box, 2. Digital HD Set Top Box, 3. HD RF Set Top Box.

ATB team always prefers you to recharge from the official website only to check the latest offers of recharging from the Videocon D2h Set-top box.

As a part of the Login details, the registered telephone number is required as well as Password is mandatory to Login. Then, the OTP (One Time Password) will also be sent to your registered mobile Address.

Apart from that, the main problem arises when you are a new user. No problem in that anyways, only the time of being a new user is added. Being a new user, first of all, you will have to register yourself on the Customer Registration Page.

For that, you will have to enter your details such as Customer ID, RTN (Registered Telephone number), Email Address, Password and then confirm the password.

Hopefully, with the help of the above-given guide on, your general queries like – How to remove unwanted channels from Videocon D2H, Videocon D2h Channel selection, online channel activation, adding and removing channels, packages channel list with price, recharge plans with channel list etc. are answered.

But, still, if you are having any question regarding How To Choose Channel In Videocon d2h As Per TRAI? do let us know in the comment box below.

When the new Cable TV regulations came into force, there was a concern from users who have multiple TV connections: Will they be required to pay full fees for different connections, or a combo offer can be availed?

Earlier, cable operators and DTH providers used to offer a combined package, which brought down the overall costs. But TRAI hadn’t covered this aspect.

But now, things are sorting out. Very soon, you will get new packs and new plans, as per a recent TRAI order.

Multiple TV Connections? Soon You Will Get New Packs From Cable/DTH Operators (TRAI Order)

Multiple TV Connections? Soon You Will Get New Packs From Cable/DTH Operators (TRAI Order)
Multiple TV Connections? Soon You Will Get New Packs From Cable/DTH Operators (TRAI Order)

TRAI: Introduce New Packs For Multiple TV Connections

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has understood the problems faced by households which have multiple TV connections, and have issued an order in this regard.

TRAI Chairman RS Sharma has ordered all DTH companies and Cable Operators to create special packs and plans for those households, where users wish to opt for multiple TV connections.

TRAI has acknowledged the fact that every new TV connection must have its own set-top box, so that the users can make their individual choices.

TRAI has ordered the DTH and Cable operators to revert in two days, with new packs for multiple connections. It is expected that when a household opts for more than 2 connections, then the overall cost per set-top box can come down now.

TRAI: Crisil Report On Increased Cable Cost Is Baseless

TRAI Chairman RS Sharma has vehemently rejected the report presented by research firm Crisil, that states that overall cable TV expenses has increased by 25% for an average consumer.

TRI has stated that the report is “wrong and unrealistic”.

In their report, Crisil had stated that instead of paying Rs 230-240 per month for accessing the top 10 Indian channels, an average household will now pay Rs 300, which means that 25% additional expense will be incurred.

Rejecting this report, RS Sharma said, “Consumers must have a choice…and interfering with their freedom is a violation of regulatory framework,”

Once again, TRAI has emphasized that the overall cable TV expenses will now come down  “substantially” for the families, as they don’t watch more than 50 channels in a month.

Last month, TRAI had declared that under the new Cable TV regime, cable users in India will be empowered to choose their own channels, and hence, the overall expenses will come down.

The same stand was taken by TRAI in December as well, when they said about the new Cable TV rules: “This (New Cable TV regulations) is a great framework which has been validated by the highest court of the land, but there are certain stakeholders who are trying to create misconceptions that consumer bills are going to rise. It is bogus,”

We have already reported how social media users are going berserk over increased expenses, as several users have complained about high charges, post-implementation of new Cable TV regulations.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

Dish TV Channels Selection Process: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced a new framework for DTH cable television providers in India. These new rules have come into effect from today, that is February 1. Subscribers were required to select at least 100 channels before the deadline. The subscribers who didn’t select their channels till the deadline, have had their channels pre-selected by the respective DTH providers with regard to the closest channels that resembled their earlier plan.

Dish TV DTH channels selection: How to choose channels online as per TRAI’s new rules

Dish TV DTH channels selection: How to choose channels online as per TRAI’s new rules
Dish TV DTH channels selection: How to choose channels online as per TRAI’s new rules
Dish TV has listed all of the channels along with their list price on their official website according to TRAI’s new guidelines. If you haven’t selected, which channels you want, here’s how you will be able to do it.

How to choose channels on Dish TV

For selecting channels that any Dish TV subscriber wants to watch, they can log in to the company’s official website or mobile application with their registered mobile number or subscriber ID. The company will then send an OTP to the customers registered mobile number, which can be used to sign in.

Once the Dish TV DTH subscriber is logged in to the website or the mobile app they will then get to see their current DTH service details, like the amount of money they have in their digital wallet, plans and much more. There they can then choose between three broad categories – Dish Combo, Channels, Bouquets.

If the user decides to pick all their channels manually, they will be required to select a minimum of 100 channels to keep their connection live. HD (High Definition) channels are counted as two SD (Standard Definition) channels, so if the user selects 50 HD channels, he can leave the rest and enjoy those 50 channels. Subscribers can filter their search by selecting a language or category like English, Infotainment, Kids.

The price will constantly keep on updating in the user’s cart. The network capacity fee (NCF) has been set by TRAI and is the same for all operators. The NCF is Rs 130 along with 18 per cent GST, the total of which amounts to Rs 153. There are many channels like Star Plus and Sony, for which the subscribers will have to pay an extra fee, due to these being marked as paid channels.

NCF per 25 extra channels over 100 basic channels, will require the consumer to pay Rs 25 extra. All DD channels are mandatory and can’t be removed from a customers list.

Starting today (February 1), your TV bill is set to change. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) recently announced new tariff regime for cable and DTH operators. These new regulations come into effect from today and mean new rates for the TV channels. As per the new rules, DTH operators like Tata Sky, Airtel, Dish, Hathway and others can no longer offer different rates for same channels. All channels have fixed rates.

Another change is that all consumers need to pay Rs 100 for Standard Definition (SD) channels. The base pack will cost up to Rs 130 (plus taxes) and will offer viewers all Free-To-Air channels. Wondering how much you will have to pay for the other channels? Here are the channel-wise rates of Times News Network, Zee, Sony, Network 18 and others ...

Note: All prices given are per month prices.

Your TV bill is set to change starting today: Here’s how much you will have to pay

Your TV bill is set to change starting : Here’s how much you will have to pay
Your TV bill is set to change starting : Here’s how much you will have to pay

​1. Sony Channels: The price of Sony channels start at Re 1 per month (

Sony channels include:
- Sony Entertainment Channel (SET): Rs 19.00
- SAB: Rs 19.00
- SET Max: Rs 15.00
- MAX 2: Re 1.00
- Sony YAY!: Rs 2.00
- Sony PAL: Re 1.00
- Sony Wah: Re 1.00
- Sony MIX: Re 1.00

​2. Times Network Channels: The price of Times Network channels start at 50 paise per month (

- Times Network channels include:
- Times Now: Rs 3.00
- Mirror Now: Rs 2.00
- ET NOW: Rs 3.00
- Zoom: Rs 0.50
- Movies Now: Rs 10.00
- MNX: Rs 6.00
- Romedy Now: Rs 6.00

​3. Zee Channels: The price of Zee channels start at Re 1 per month (

Zee channels include:
- Zee TV: Rs 19
- &TV: Rs 12
- Zee Cinema: Rs 19
- Zee Action: Re 1
- Zee News: 50 paise
- Zee ETC: Re 1
- Zee Bollywood: Rs 2
- Zee Action: Re 1
- Zee Business: 50 paise
- Living Foodz: Re 1

​4. Network 18 Channels: The price of Network 18 channels start at 25 paise per month (

Network 18 channels include:
- CNBC Awaaz: Re 1.00
- Colors: Rs 19.00
- The History Channel: Rs 3.00
- MTV: Rs 3.00
- MTV Beats: Rs 0.50
- News 18 Assam / North East/Bihar Jharkhand/Madhya Pradesh / Chhattisgarh: Rs 0.25
- Rishtey: Re 1.00
- Rishtey Cineplex: Rs 3.00
- VH 1: Re 1.00

​​5. Star Channels: The price of Star channels start at Re 1 per month​ (

Star channel includes:
- Star Utsav: Rs: 1.00
- Star Gold: Rs 8.00
- Movies OK: Re 1.00
- Star Utsav Movies: Re 1.00
- Star Sports 1 Hindi: Rs 19.00
- Star Sports 2: Rs 6.00
- Star Sports 3: Rs 4.00
- Star Sports First: Rs 1.00
- National Geographic Channel (NGC): Rs 2.00
- Nat Geo Wild: Re 1.00

​6. Discovery Channels: The price of Discovery channels start at Re 1 per month​ (

Discovery channel includes:
- Discovery Channel: Rs 4.00
- Animal Planet: Rs 2.00
- TLC: Rs 2.00
- Discovery Kids Channel: Rs 3.00
- Dsport: Rs 4.00
- Discovery Jeet: Re 1.00
- Discovery Science: Re 1.00
- Discovery Turbo: Re 1.00

​7. TV Today Channels: The price of TV Today channels start at 25 paise per month​ (

TV Today channels include:
- Aaj Tak: Rs 0.75
- Aaj Tak Tez: Rs 0.25
- India Today: Re 1.00

8. NDTV Channels: The price of NDTV channels start at Re 1 per month

NDTV channels include:
- NDTV 24*7: Rs 3.00
- NDTV India: Rs 1.00
- NDTV Profit: Rs 1.00
- Good Times: Rs 1.50

​9. Turner International Pvt Ltd Channels: The price of Turner International Pvt Ltd channels start at Rs 4.25

Turner International Pvt Ltd. channels include:
- Cartoon Network: Rs 4.25
- POGO: Rs 4.25
- CNN International: 50 paise
- HBO: Rs 10.00
- WB: Re 1.00

​10. Disney Channels: The price of Disney channels start at Re 1 per month

Disney channels include:
- The Disney Channel: Rs 8.00
- Disney XD: Rs 4.00
- Hungama TV: Rs 6.00
- Disney Junior: Rs 4.00
- UTV Action: Rs 2.00
- UTV Bindass: Re 1.00
- UTV Movies: Rs 2.00

​11. Times Network Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Times Network Bouquet pack starts at Rs 5 per month (

Times pack includes:
- Bouquet 1: Rs 5
- Bouquet 2: Rs 13
- Bouquet 3: Rs 20
- Bouquet 4: Rs 6

​​12. Zee Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Zee Bouquet pack starts at Rs 45 per month

Zee bouquet pack includes:
- Zee Family Pack Hindi SD: Rs 45
- Zee Family Pack Hindi HD: Rs 60
- Zee All-in-1 Pack Hindi SD: Rs 60
- Zee Family Pack Marathi SD: Rs 60
- Zee All-in-1 Pack Hindi HD: Rs 85
- Zee All-in-1 Pack All South HD: Rs 120

13. Network 18 Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Network 18 Bouquet pack starts at Rs 22 per month (

Network 18 bouquet pack includes:
- Hindi Budget (SD): Rs 22
- Hindi Value (SD): Rs 25
- Hindi Family (SD): Rs 35
- Hindi budget (HD): Rs 32
- Hindi Value (HD): Rs 35
- Hindi Family (HD): Rs 50

​14. Sony Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Sony Bouquet pack starts at Rs 31 per month

Sony bouquet pack includes:
- Happy India 31 (A and B): Rs 31
- Happy India 39: Rs 39
- Happy India Platinum 69: Rs 69
- Happy India Sports 31: Rs 31
- Happy India English 12: Rs 12
- Happy India Sports + English 47: Rs 47
- Happy India HD 59: Rs 59
- Happy India Sports HD 48: Rs 48
- Happy India Platinum HD 90: Rs 90

​15. Star Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Star Bouquet pack starts at Rs 49

Star bouquet pack includes:
- Hindi Value (SD) Rs 49
- Hindi Premium (SD) Rs 79
- Hindi HD Value: Rs 85
- Hindi HD Premium: Rs 120

​16. Discovery Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Discovery Bouquet pack starts at Rs 8 per month (

Discovery Bouquet pack includes:
- Family Pack: Rs 8
- Sports Pack: Rs 7
- HD Bouquet 1-Family HD Pack: Rs 9
- HD Bouquet 2-Family HD Pack: Rs 8.50
- HD Bouquet 3-Family HD Pack: Rs 7.50

17. ​TV Today Bouquet Packs: The price of basic TV Today Bouquet pack starts at 50 paise month

TV Today pack includes:
- Hindi News Bouquet: Rs 0.50
- TVTN News Bouquet: Re 1
- Hindi News HD Bouquet: Re 1
- TVTN News HD Bouquet: Rs 1.50

And, the D-Day has finally arrived.

Effective February 1st, TRAI’s new cable TV rules will be implemented pan-India, which effectively changes everything about the cable and DTH industry in India.

The new Cable TV rules, which were originally planned for December 28th, was postponed to February 1st as customers were not aware of the actual changes.

But now, no extension will be made, and the deadline is final.

Here are 7 questions and their answers which every cable TV user should be aware of, effective February 1st, 2019:

New Cable TV Rules: 7 Questions Which Every Cable TV User Is Asking In India

New Cable TV Rules: 7 Questions Which Every Cable TV User Is Asking In India
New Cable TV Rules: 7 Questions Which Every Cable TV User Is Asking In India

I have selected longterm/annual plans. What will happen now?

All long term and annual plans have been canceled, effective February 1st. This means that if you have selected a 2-year plan as on October, 2018, then the plan is now nullified, and canceled.

However, don’t panic. The remaining amount, on a prorated basis, will be refunded back to your respective DTH/Cable account, which can be used for selecting a new plan and new channels.

You won’t lose a single penny.

I have not selected any new plan. What will happen now?

In case you fail to choose any new plan based on the new Cable TV rules, then there won’t be any blackout. TRAI has assured that users that DTH/Cable companies cannot blackout your TV after February 1st.

In case no plan is selected, you will be transferred to the basic pack of Rs 130 plus GST, which is Rs 154, wherein you will be eligible to watch 100 channels. As you have selected no pack, there will be no pay channels or bouquet in this base pack, and you can watch only 100 FTA channels.

What Is Base Pack? What is à la carte system?

Base pack is the technical term for the minimum fees which cable TV/DTH user needs to pay to access channels. This is Rs 130 plus GST, which comes to Rs 154.

Hence, base pack is the minimum amount which needs to be paid to access cable tv.

A` la carte system is when you choose your own channels, individually: Every pay channel has an MRP, which you need to pay separately.

What is the new Cable TV Tariff? Explain Like I Am Five

The new Cable TV Tariff is the new, revolutionary way to access TV channels.

Govt. has mandated that a network connect fees or the base pack has to be paid by every user, which is Rs 130 plus GST (Rs 154). After paying this, the user will be able to access 100 channels.

These 100 channels can be FTA (Free to Air) or pay channels. FTAs are free, but for pay channels, you need to pay the respective amount for each channel.

Hence, if you choose 5 pay channels, whose individual price is Rs 5, then you will need to pay: Rs 130 (plus GST) + Rs 25 (5*5).

If you want to access more channels, above 100, then you need to pay as per slabs: Rs 20 for 25 extra channels.

What If I select all the channels available in India?

Rs 6137 is the total charge, if a customer subscribes to all the channels available in India. However, if he uses bouquets and packs offered by DTH and broadcasters, then the expense can come down to Rs 5023.

There are total of 559 FTA or Free to Air channels, and 330 pay channels. The FTAs also include the mandatory 25 DD channels.

Will my Cable TV expense come down? Or go up?

This is a tricky question.

As per TRAI’s and BARC’s research, an average household only watched 50 channels.

As of now, the customer is paying on an average Rs 350-400 for accessing 300+ channels, while he watches only 50 or even less. Hence, it is expected that once the customer is able to freely add/delete channels from the base pack of 100 channels, the overall cost will come down.

TRAI has repeatedly said that the overall cost of cable TV will now come down.

But again, it depends on case to case.

How Will the invoice be generated now?

From now on, there will be two parts of the invoice: a) Network connect fees of Rs 130 plus GST and b) Content charges for the pay channels.

Tata Sky has removed the network charges for some additional channels, and Sun Direct has removed additional fees for all channels.

Following implementation of new regulations imposed on DTH service providers and cable operators by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), you can now reduce your monthly TV bill by limiting your subscription to only those TV channels you watch. Consumers have been given time till the end of this month to make a choice for uninterrupted service after January. In the new regulations, any DTH provider like Airtel DTH TV, Tata Sky or Dish TV can charge a maximum of only Rs 130, excluding GST, for a set of 100 non-HD channels.
  • The base pack can include 100 SD channels (
  • First 100 channels will cost Rs. 130 plus taxes
  • The last date to migrate to the new system is January 31 (
If you opt for any pay channel in that list of 100, you have to pay extra, according to the MRP of that individual channel. After a TRAI order, all broadcasters like Sony, Zee, Star, Discovery, Sun, Turner and, Viacom have declared which of their TV channels are free-to-air (FTA) and which ones are pay channels. (

10 Things to know about Selecting new DTH Plans - Reduce your TV bill on Airtel DTH, Tata Sky, Dish TV

10 Things to know about Selecting new DTH Plans - Reduce your TV bill on Airtel DTH, Tata Sky, Dish TV
10 Things to know about Selecting new DTH Plans - Reduce your TV bill on Airtel DTH, Tata Sky, Dish TV

TRAI: Pay Rs 130 And Watch 100 Pay and FTA Channels

The first most important clarification regarding the new Cable TV Regulation is that, Rs 130 plus GST is the minimum fees, which every cable or DTH consumer needs to pay. (

With 18% GST, this amount comes to Rs 154, which is called ‘Network Connect Fees’, and has to be paid to the respective cable or DTH operator. (

Now, after paying Rs 154 as Network Connect Fees, the consumer will be eligible to access 100 channels.

These 100 channels can be FTA or Free to Air and/or Pay Channels. In case the consumer wishes to watch more than 100 channels, then Rs 20 per 25 channels has to be paid. Once these 25 extra channels are allocated, then again, the user can choose FTA or Pay channels.

10 things to know about selecting new plans on Airtel DTH, Dish TV, Hathway and others (

1. Besides a la carte rates, all major broadcasters have also declared various bouquets based on genre and language. The prices declared by individual broadcasters are the maximum retail price and your TV service provider can offer you a deal below the MRP. Even the price of the base packs can be lower than Rs 130. (

2. On its website, Airtel DTH TV shows a base pack of Rs 99 with a host of SD (standard definition) channels. Tata Sky’s lowest base pack, too, begins from Rs 99. However, both the operators have a list of select SD TV channels as part of the pack. As the new TRAI rules come into force, these base packs will also undergo a change as you will have the liberty to put any SD channel of your choice in the base pack. Any pay channel you include in the list gets added to your bill.

3. In the new regulations, any subscriber wanting to watch more than 100 channels can choose additional channels in each slab of 25 channels with at a maximum price of Rs 20 per slab. According to TRAI, consumers opting for more than 100 channels are rare and form only 10-15% of the market. About 80% subscribers, according to the viewing pattern from BARC, do not even flip more than 40 channels. (

4. “If a consumer carefully chooses channels of choice for the complete requirement of a family, the amount payable may be even less than the present payments being made per month,” TRAI says on its website. (

5. As reported to TRAI, there are as many as 330 pay TV channels, including HD and SD, from 40 broadcasters. The list of private FTA channels goes up to 535. (

6. Among the 40 broadcasters, at least 17 have announced bouquets of several channels with discounted pricing. For example, a bouquet of 9 channels will cost Rs 63 if taken a la carte basis but if bought together, the price reduces by almost half to Rs 31.

7. FTA channels can’t be clubbed with pay channels in a bouquet. Further, HD channels can’t be clubbed with the SD version of the same channel, so that the consumer has complete clarity with respect to what is on offer. (

8. You also have the freedom to buy a set-top box from the market and not from the service provider. However, that set-top box will have to be technically compliant with the system of the operator. (

9. TRAI has instructed that there shall be no blackout of services till January 31 but after that, you may be pushed to the basic pack, which has no pay channels. To avoid disruption in services, you have to migrate to the new plan by the end of the month. (

10. Every cable operator or DTH player has been asked to run a consumer information channel preferably on channel No. 999 wherein consumer-related information including the prices of channels shall be displayed.

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