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After introducing a lot of combo and add-on packs, the biggest DTH provider has introduced Smart Packs in various regional languages.

1. The plans are available in languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada and more.

2. Tata Sky has also introduced two new broadcaster packs for its subscribers recently.

Tata Sky Smart Channel Packs in Regional Languages Launched, Comes Bundled With FTA Channels

Tata Sky Smart Channel Packs in Regional Languages Launched, Comes Bundled With FTA Channels
Tata Sky Smart Channel Packs in Regional Languages Launched, Comes Bundled With FTA Channels
Prominent DTH provider Tata Sky has launched 11 new Smart packs in its portfolio. For quite some days now, Tata Sky was dormant, and we were yet to see some new channel packs in Tata Sky’s roster. It seems that the DTH provider is back to crunching new packs for its subscribers. It is worth noting that the new packs introduced by Tata Sky are all classified by language and regions and bundle some of the prime channels in these languages. These new Tata Sky Smart Packs will allow the subscribers to get the language-wise channels which they prefer to watch in a single selection. Read to know more about the newly launched smart packs by Tata Sky.

Tata Sky Smart Plans Details and Pricing

In the new list of Smart Plans, the first plan is the Hindi Smart plan of Rs 249, second up we have the Punjabi Smart plan for Rs 249 as well. Further, the list is followed by Gujarati Smart plan of Rs 249, Bengali Smart plan of Rs 220, Odia smart plan of Rs 211, Marathi Smart plan of Rs 206 and Telugu Smart plan of Rs 249. Other packs include Tamil Smart plan of Rs 249, Kannada Smart plan of Rs 249, Malayalam Smart plan of Rs 249, and lastly the most affordable plan in this list, the Hindi Bachat plan of Rs 179. It is worth noting that the prices listed for these new plans are the inclusive of DRP, NCF and taxes as well. You can check out the full details of the newly launched Smart Packs here. These new packs from Tata Sky were effective from March 1.

Tata Sky Mini Packs or Add-on Packs Detail

Tata Sky has been on the tiptoes for launching new packs, different bundles and more for the subscribers to give them many choices. Besides from the combo packs, which all the DTH operators are providing, Tata Sky has come up with mini packs which will allow the subscribers to add select channels from genres without shelling a lot of money. Some of the mini or add-on packs were also in the higher range and HD quality. These packs included Tamil Regional HD pack for Rs 164, Tamil Mini HD Pack for Rs 81, Telugu Regional and Mini HD pack for Rs 216 and Rs 90. The same options with similar pricing were available for other languages like Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Bengali.

Tata Sky Launches Two New Broadcaster Packs

There is also no lack of broadcaster packs on Tata Sky’s dashboard. Although we believe that the recommended packs by the provider are the best way to go, Tata Sky’s extensive range of broadcaster pack will allow the subscribers to make flexible choices regarding their channel selections. In the newly-debuted broadcaster packs for Tata Sky, first is the Sony Happy India South B pack which is available for Rs 29.5 and the second is the Turner Family HD pack which is available for Rs 14.75.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) introduced the new pricing regime keeping the consumers’ good in mind. As such, the regulator wants the subscribers to have a smooth transition to the new channels packs. It is worth noting that previously the subscribers were used to paying a monthly rental for the channels they were watching, and the broadcasters and cable or DTH providers used to ship many unwanted channels to increase their advertising revenue. With the new regime in place, doing that will be severe for any parties. The consumers will now be in control of what channels they pay for, and they will have full transparency regarding the pricing of channels.

DTH - Guide to Get Lowest Pricing for Your DTH Subscription With Trai Channel Selector App

DTH - Guide to Get Lowest Pricing for Your DTH Subscription With Trai Channel Selector App
DTH - Guide to Get Lowest Pricing for Your DTH Subscription With Trai Channel Selector App
Airtel Digital TV - DishTV: DTH(Direct To Home)
1. The deadline for the new tariff implementation is now March 31, 2019
2. The new tariff implementation makes the pricing more transparent for subscribers, according to Trai

Trai Channel Selector Application: What is it?

To help the subscribers in migrating to the new channel packs, Trai has launched a channel selector application. The channel selector application is available on the Trai official website, and it is an excellent way for the subscribers to go through the process and list out the channels before actually finalising them. The channel selector application will allow these subscribers to get the right pricing for their selection and to have an appropriate estimate about what they will be paying every month, without a bias. Read ahead to know how you can accurately predict the pricing of your monthly channel subscription with the new Trai channel selector application.

How to Use Trai Channel Selector Application?

When you click on the “Get Started” button on the channel selector website, you will then be asked to fill in your details like Name, Mobile number, service provider details and previous bill amount. You can decide to fill in these details or leave them out entirely as they are optional. You will then be asked to select your residence state, keep in mind that the application will suggest you channels depending on your region so this is one option you might consider filling in. Depending on your selection of state, you will be given choices among various languages including regional ones. On the next page, you will be asked to select among multiple genres like News, Music, Devotion, Sports and more. Lastly, you will be asked to choose HD, SD or both. It is worth noting that all the options up till now are optional, so you can make your selections to narrow down your choices or skip them all.

After making the choices described above, the channel selector application will finally be on-screen now. We recommend that you start by making choices in the Free to Air channel tab. On top of your screen, you will be able to see your total selections under the “Channels Selected” area. This area will also display the total prices of your selection. The total FTA channels listed in this section is 550. After making the selection from the FTA section, you can navigate to the “Pay Channels” tab to select your a-la-carte channels.

In this section, you will be able to sort your channels depending on language, quality (HD or SD), genres, price and broadcasters. Scrape through the list to find the channels that you watch and add them to your cart while keeping a check on your monthly rental on the top of your screen. Lastly, move on to the “Channel Bouquet List” to search through the various packs which you find worth adding after you have made all your selections tap on the “My Selection” button present on the upper menu. Here you will be able to get an overview of your entire selection; this page will also show the number of pay channels, number of FTA channels, number of mandatory channels which is 25, along with the monthly pricing, with and without taxes. Take an overview to either eliminate channels or go back to add more.

Lowering Your Monthly Bill on Channel Selector Application

When you are ready, tap on the optimise button which is the highlight of the Trai channel selector application. This feature will eliminate your repetitive additions in the cart, and it will also find out if you could replace your group of individual channels by a bouquet which is more affordable. This way you can get the lowest price for your selection as individually selecting channels might lead to a higher monthly bill.

Finalising Your New Channel Packs and Choices

After you’re done selecting channels and optimising your bill print your channel selection or save it on your laptop or computer. Next, you should go to your respective DTH or cable TV provider’s website to make your final selection. Copy all the choices you made from your Trai application list along with the bouquets and FTA channels onto your DTH website. Place and finalise your order. DTH providers or cable operators usually update the channels on your STB in a matter of a few hours or even less.

Tata Sky, Sun Direct TV and Dish TV appear to have removed the extra Network Capacity Fee (NCF) on the base pack for subscribers, according to a report on TelecomTalk. Before you think this means that the entire NCF of Rs 130 has been removed, remember this only relates to the extra NCF that applies after a user has more than 100 channels in their prescribed pack.

Under TRAI’s new regulatory regime, the cable TV bill of users now has two components, the network capacity fee (NCF), which is Rs 130 for hundred channels and the cost of any paid channels or paid bouquets.

The first 100 channels attract NCF of Rs 130 + 18 per cent GST, which comes to Rs 153 in total. For users who choose more than 100 channels, the NCF is Rs 20 per slab 25 additional channels. So what has happened is that these three operators are offering more than 100 FTA (Free to Air) channels with the NCF limited to Rs 130+18 per cent GST.

Tata Sky, Sun Direct and Dish TV remove extra NCF: Here’s what it means for TV bills

Tata Sky, Sun Direct and Dish TV remove extra NCF: Here’s what it means for TV bills
Tata Sky, Sun Direct and Dish TV remove extra NCF: Here’s what it means for TV bills

Sun Direct NCF removed: What it means

First in the case of Sun Direct, the company has revoked NCF charges for all of its channels, says the report. Based the company’s website, it is offering a total of 140 channels in the back pack of Rs 130+18 per cent GST. The base pack also includes the 25DD channels, which are mandatory for all cable/DTH operators to provide.

According to the report, Sun Direct has removed NCF on all FTA (free to air) channels. This means that users can view as many FTA channels for just Rs 130 price band.  Sun Direct subscribers will be able to watch as much as 330 channels the base rental of Rs 130+taxes, says the report.

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Tata Sky NCF removed: What it means

The report also notes that in case of Tata Sky, the player has removed NCF on some channels, but these are limited. So users can add some channels to their list of 100 FTA channels, without incurring extra NCF. However, not all FTA channels will be exempt from this extra NCF.

Tata Sky had also announced add-on packs for users starting at Rs 5 per month, which offer some regional channels. The price of some of these packs also shows as Rs 0 per month, which means these are free channels that can be added as a pack, making it easier to users to add regional channels to their base packs.

Dish TV NCF removed: What it means

Dish TV’s website has also removed the NCF on some FTA channels. The website for Dish TV is also flashing this promotional offer saying there will be no NCF on FTA channels if a user has chosen any paid channels.

As we saw in our Dish TV account, around 189 FTA channels can be added to the cart without paying any additional NCF. This is for the base pack price of Rs 130 (exclusive of tax). The cost of paid SD and HD channels will still be extra.

What is the NCF under TRAI’s new cable TV rules

The network capacity fee in TRAI’s new regulatory regime for cable TV and DTH operators is fixed at Rs 130 for the first hundred channels. This can include a mix of free or paid channels or even channels under broadcaster bouquet.

While the price of paid channels will be added to your bill, the NCF which is paid to your cable/DTH company will remain at Rs 130 plus 18 per cent GST. For those who add more than 100 channels, the NCF is extra Rs 20 per slab of Rs 25 channels.

For example, if you add 150 channels, then the total bill will be Rs 130+20+20=Rs 170 for the NCF alone, plus 18 per cent GST, which brings the price to Rs 200. This is assuming you have all FTA channels in this list of 150. What Tata Sky, Dish TV and Sun TV have done is that under the NCF of Rs 130 they are offering more than the 100 free channels and waiving off the extra NCF that they would have normally charged.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) had introduced the new pricing mandate for channels, broadcasters and cable operators thus bringing in a massive change in pricing back in 2017. The pricing scheme based on the new tariff regime went effective on December 29 in 2018 and to allow a smooth transition of subscribers to the new tariff regime the DTH providers were given till February 1, after which the new channel pricing has gone effective. However, even with the new pricing regime, there were some areas which the Trai had missed to address, and one such problem was of multiple connections in a single home or location. It wasn’t made clear by the regulator what the subscribers would have to pay if they were to have multiple connections from the same DTH providers, but in the latest press issue, the regulator has finally resolved the confusion.
Trai Confirms NCF Charges Waive Off for DTH Subscribers With Multiple Connections
Trai Confirms NCF Charges Waive Off for DTH Subscribers With Multiple Connections
Trai Confirms NCF Charges Waive Off for DTH Subscribers With Multiple Connections
1. Trai has urged the DTH operators to keep uniform pricing for multiple connections
2. The same should be informed to the subscribers through their websites, urges Trai

Relief for Subscribers With Multiple Connections
Clarifying the issue of multiple connections, Trai said that it has capped the Network Capacity Fee for 100 channels at Rs 130 SD channels, above that the subscribers will have to pay Rs 20 for 25 additional channels. Trai said that in some areas DTH subscribers are waving off the entire NCF fee for a second connection in the same home or location, but the regulator said that this should be uniform for subscribers across the target market and also directed that the information should be declared duly on the DPOs website. The DPOs might even decide to offer a discounted or lesser NCF on an additional connection, but the same should be conveyed to the subscribers transparently.

More Flexibility for Subscribers to Choose Channels
This announcement is not the only highlight of the new Trai tariff regime. In essence, the new mandate makes it very easy for the subscribers to pay only for what they watch. Now the consumers will be able to choose the channels they want to subscribe to, and they will just pay for those specific channels. Previously the practice of shipping additional channels by the broadcasters which used to fetch them more revenue has thus come to an end. Subscribers will now enjoy the right to choose from Free to air (FTA) or pay channels, and then they will have to pay the network charges along with it as part of their total amount.

To make the process smoother for the end consumer, Trai is also directing the DTH providers and operators to set up call centres and dedicated helplines so that the subscribers face absolutely no disruption in services or inconvenience. The new tariff mandate also makes it very easy for the subscribers to change their channel selection at any given point in time.

The popular Direct-to-the-Home service provider, Tata Sky, has now introduced a slew of HD Add On/Mini Packs at a starting price of just Rs 5. This move from Tata Sky comes after the introduction of Tata Sky Regional packs which starts at Rs 7 per month. Coming to the newly introduced Tata Sky Add-Ons, there are a total of 21 packs comprising of both HD and SD channels. That said, the subscription for HD Add On pack differs compared to that of the SD pack. For example, Tata Sky has a Cricket Hindi HD pack priced at Rs 42 and a standard Cricket Hindi pack which also costs Rs 42 per month. So before activating any of these Add On packs from Tata Sky, compare the prices between the HD and SD packs as some broadcasters are charging the same price for their HD and SD channels. Notably, Tata Sky is also calling these Add On packs as Tata Sky Mini packs.

Tata Sky Now Comes Up With HD Add On Packs Across Various Categories, Prices Starting at Rs 5

Tata Sky Now Comes Up With HD Add On Packs Across Various Categories, Prices Starting at Rs 5
Tata Sky Now Comes Up With HD Add On Packs Across Various Categories, Prices Starting at Rs 5

Tata Sky HD Add On Packs Launched: What Do They Offer?

Out of the 21 Add On packs launched by Tata Sky, nine of them are HD packs, while the remaining packs offer SD channels. The HD Add On/Mini packs introduced by Tata Sky are Cricket Hindi HD (Rs 42), Cricket English HD (Rs 44), Music HD (Rs 11), Knowledge and Lifestyle Mini HD (Rs 53), Knowledge and Lifestyle HD (Rs 83), English Entertainment HD (Rs 87), English Movies Mini HD (Rs 76), Kids Mini HD (Rs 45) and Kids HD (Rs 53). The prices mentioned above are for a month and they’re inclusive of taxes.
Tata Sky Now Comes Up With HD Add On Packs Across Various Categories, Prices Starting at Rs 5
Tata Sky Now Comes Up With HD Add On Packs Across Various Categories, Prices Starting at Rs 5
Moving onto the SD Add On plans introduced by Tata Sky, they include Hindi News (Rs 5), Cricket Hindi (Rs 42), Cricket English (Rs 44), Music (Rs 7), Knowledge & Lifestyle Mini (Rs 21), Knowledge & Lifestyle (Rs 34), English News (Rs 23), English Entertainment (Rs 49), English Movies Mini (Rs 55), English Movies (Rs 82), Kids Mini (Rs 28) and Kids (Rs 35). The entire Add On packs can be viewed from Tata Sky’s website.

Tata Sky Already Announced Regional Channel Packs

To recall, a couple of days ago, Tata Sky introduced a plethora of Regional Channel packs at a starting price of just Rs 7. Tata Sky unveiled 14 regional packs across various languages- Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Odia and Marathi. These regional packs from Tata Sky can be availed on top of the Basic FTA pack of Rs 153. For the unaware, to avail any broadcaster channels, users will have to pay Rs 153 per month as FTA charges, according to the new pricing scheme introduced by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

In other news, Tata Sky has already started activating the new packs selected by users based on the new Trai pricing scheme. Some Tata Sky users are complaining regarding the issues they’re facing while migration. The Telecom Regulatory already issued a showcause notice to Airtel Digital TV as the DTH service provider is not following the Trai’s rule of the smooth migration.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) had set the deadline for the implementation of the Trai based tariff plans on February 1, 2019. The regulator has also requested the DTH providers and cable operators to speed up the migration process for the subscribers to transition to the new Trai based channel packs. All the service providers and DTH operators have come out announcing their various packs and channel packs pricing. While D2h was the first of the many to declare the prices, other operators soon followed and revealed their rates as well. It is worth noting that all the providers are shipping various combo plans which offer different channels clubbed together either based on quality, genres, or language. Another big operator, Dish TV had announced combo plans for North and South region, now the provider has announced add-on packs based on the new pricing scheme.

Dish TV Announces New Add-On Packs Across Various Languages and Genres

Dish TV Announces New Add-On Packs Across Various Languages and Genres
Dish TV Announces New Add-On Packs Across Various Languages and Genres

Dish TV New North and South Combo Pack Plans

To recall, in the North region, the combo plans which were first introduced include Dish TV Swagat, Dish TV Super Family, Dish TV Maxi Sports, Dish TV Super Sports and Dish TV Titanium and they cost Rs 213, Rs 265, Rs 306, Rs 386 and Rs 433 respectively. Subscribers should note that these prices are exclusive of GST. More combo packs for the North region include the Dish TV Swagat, Dish TV Super Family, Dish TV Maxi Sports, Dish TV Super Sports and Dish TV Titanium and they cost Rs 213, Rs 265, Rs 306, Rs 386 and Rs 433 respectively.

Now, Dish TV has introduced new add-on packs in the North region which include English Movies and News for Rs 72, English Entertainment for Rs 42, Kids for Rs 27, Infotainment and Lifestyle for Rs 24, Hindi Entertainment for Rs 103, All Hindi Pack for Rs 134, Top Scorer pack for Rs 56, English Cricket Rs 42 and Hindi Cricket Rs 36.
Dish TV Announces New Add-On Packs Across Various Languages and Genres
Dish TV Announces New Add-On Packs Across Various Languages and Genres

Other regional add-ons in this list include Bangla for Rs 58, Marathi for Rs 46, Odia for Rs 41, and Punjabi, MP, UP, North East and Rajasthan for Re 1. The Gujarati add-on pack for Dish TV subscribers will set them back by an additional Rs 6.

South Region Add-On Plans by Dish TV

Earlier, for the South region, Dish TV has introduced different plans in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. The Combo plans for Telugu are Classic Joy Telugu which offers 199 channels and Classic Joy+ Telugu with 216 channels on offer. The Classic Joy Telugu costs Rs 180 while the Classic Joy+ Telugu costs a customer Rs 243. Having said that, all the add-ons mentioned above are also applicable for the South users. To check out the entire add-ons list, head over to the company’s website by clicking here.

Dish TV had announced a couple of days ago that it would complete its migration process by February 7. Trai, on the other hand, had announced that 40% of the subscribers had finished migrating to the new Trai based plans. With the date already here, now we will have to wait for an update from Dish TV about how many subscribers have migrated to the new plans. Since Trai is pushing for a disruption-less migration, it is unlikely that the subscribers will face a black screen, but still, if you are a Dish TV subscriber and you have not switched the Trai based plans, you can do so by going to the official Dish TV website.

When the new Cable TV regulations came into force, there was a concern from users who have multiple TV connections: Will they be required to pay full fees for different connections, or a combo offer can be availed?

Earlier, cable operators and DTH providers used to offer a combined package, which brought down the overall costs. But TRAI hadn’t covered this aspect.

But now, things are sorting out. Very soon, you will get new packs and new plans, as per a recent TRAI order.

Multiple TV Connections? Soon You Will Get New Packs From Cable/DTH Operators (TRAI Order)

Multiple TV Connections? Soon You Will Get New Packs From Cable/DTH Operators (TRAI Order)
Multiple TV Connections? Soon You Will Get New Packs From Cable/DTH Operators (TRAI Order)

TRAI: Introduce New Packs For Multiple TV Connections

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has understood the problems faced by households which have multiple TV connections, and have issued an order in this regard.

TRAI Chairman RS Sharma has ordered all DTH companies and Cable Operators to create special packs and plans for those households, where users wish to opt for multiple TV connections.

TRAI has acknowledged the fact that every new TV connection must have its own set-top box, so that the users can make their individual choices.

TRAI has ordered the DTH and Cable operators to revert in two days, with new packs for multiple connections. It is expected that when a household opts for more than 2 connections, then the overall cost per set-top box can come down now.

TRAI: Crisil Report On Increased Cable Cost Is Baseless

TRAI Chairman RS Sharma has vehemently rejected the report presented by research firm Crisil, that states that overall cable TV expenses has increased by 25% for an average consumer.

TRI has stated that the report is “wrong and unrealistic”.

In their report, Crisil had stated that instead of paying Rs 230-240 per month for accessing the top 10 Indian channels, an average household will now pay Rs 300, which means that 25% additional expense will be incurred.

Rejecting this report, RS Sharma said, “Consumers must have a choice…and interfering with their freedom is a violation of regulatory framework,”

Once again, TRAI has emphasized that the overall cable TV expenses will now come down  “substantially” for the families, as they don’t watch more than 50 channels in a month.

Last month, TRAI had declared that under the new Cable TV regime, cable users in India will be empowered to choose their own channels, and hence, the overall expenses will come down.

The same stand was taken by TRAI in December as well, when they said about the new Cable TV rules: “This (New Cable TV regulations) is a great framework which has been validated by the highest court of the land, but there are certain stakeholders who are trying to create misconceptions that consumer bills are going to rise. It is bogus,”

We have already reported how social media users are going berserk over increased expenses, as several users have complained about high charges, post-implementation of new Cable TV regulations.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

Dish TV Channels Selection Process: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced a new framework for DTH cable television providers in India. These new rules have come into effect from today, that is February 1. Subscribers were required to select at least 100 channels before the deadline. The subscribers who didn’t select their channels till the deadline, have had their channels pre-selected by the respective DTH providers with regard to the closest channels that resembled their earlier plan.

Dish TV DTH channels selection: How to choose channels online as per TRAI’s new rules

Dish TV DTH channels selection: How to choose channels online as per TRAI’s new rules
Dish TV DTH channels selection: How to choose channels online as per TRAI’s new rules
Dish TV has listed all of the channels along with their list price on their official website according to TRAI’s new guidelines. If you haven’t selected, which channels you want, here’s how you will be able to do it.

How to choose channels on Dish TV

For selecting channels that any Dish TV subscriber wants to watch, they can log in to the company’s official website or mobile application with their registered mobile number or subscriber ID. The company will then send an OTP to the customers registered mobile number, which can be used to sign in.

Once the Dish TV DTH subscriber is logged in to the website or the mobile app they will then get to see their current DTH service details, like the amount of money they have in their digital wallet, plans and much more. There they can then choose between three broad categories – Dish Combo, Channels, Bouquets.

If the user decides to pick all their channels manually, they will be required to select a minimum of 100 channels to keep their connection live. HD (High Definition) channels are counted as two SD (Standard Definition) channels, so if the user selects 50 HD channels, he can leave the rest and enjoy those 50 channels. Subscribers can filter their search by selecting a language or category like English, Infotainment, Kids.

The price will constantly keep on updating in the user’s cart. The network capacity fee (NCF) has been set by TRAI and is the same for all operators. The NCF is Rs 130 along with 18 per cent GST, the total of which amounts to Rs 153. There are many channels like Star Plus and Sony, for which the subscribers will have to pay an extra fee, due to these being marked as paid channels.

NCF per 25 extra channels over 100 basic channels, will require the consumer to pay Rs 25 extra. All DD channels are mandatory and can’t be removed from a customers list.

Starting today (February 1), your TV bill is set to change. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) recently announced new tariff regime for cable and DTH operators. These new regulations come into effect from today and mean new rates for the TV channels. As per the new rules, DTH operators like Tata Sky, Airtel, Dish, Hathway and others can no longer offer different rates for same channels. All channels have fixed rates.

Another change is that all consumers need to pay Rs 100 for Standard Definition (SD) channels. The base pack will cost up to Rs 130 (plus taxes) and will offer viewers all Free-To-Air channels. Wondering how much you will have to pay for the other channels? Here are the channel-wise rates of Times News Network, Zee, Sony, Network 18 and others ...

Note: All prices given are per month prices.

Your TV bill is set to change starting today: Here’s how much you will have to pay

Your TV bill is set to change starting : Here’s how much you will have to pay
Your TV bill is set to change starting : Here’s how much you will have to pay

​1. Sony Channels: The price of Sony channels start at Re 1 per month (

Sony channels include:
- Sony Entertainment Channel (SET): Rs 19.00
- SAB: Rs 19.00
- SET Max: Rs 15.00
- MAX 2: Re 1.00
- Sony YAY!: Rs 2.00
- Sony PAL: Re 1.00
- Sony Wah: Re 1.00
- Sony MIX: Re 1.00

​2. Times Network Channels: The price of Times Network channels start at 50 paise per month (

- Times Network channels include:
- Times Now: Rs 3.00
- Mirror Now: Rs 2.00
- ET NOW: Rs 3.00
- Zoom: Rs 0.50
- Movies Now: Rs 10.00
- MNX: Rs 6.00
- Romedy Now: Rs 6.00

​3. Zee Channels: The price of Zee channels start at Re 1 per month (

Zee channels include:
- Zee TV: Rs 19
- &TV: Rs 12
- Zee Cinema: Rs 19
- Zee Action: Re 1
- Zee News: 50 paise
- Zee ETC: Re 1
- Zee Bollywood: Rs 2
- Zee Action: Re 1
- Zee Business: 50 paise
- Living Foodz: Re 1

​4. Network 18 Channels: The price of Network 18 channels start at 25 paise per month (

Network 18 channels include:
- CNBC Awaaz: Re 1.00
- Colors: Rs 19.00
- The History Channel: Rs 3.00
- MTV: Rs 3.00
- MTV Beats: Rs 0.50
- News 18 Assam / North East/Bihar Jharkhand/Madhya Pradesh / Chhattisgarh: Rs 0.25
- Rishtey: Re 1.00
- Rishtey Cineplex: Rs 3.00
- VH 1: Re 1.00

​​5. Star Channels: The price of Star channels start at Re 1 per month​ (

Star channel includes:
- Star Utsav: Rs: 1.00
- Star Gold: Rs 8.00
- Movies OK: Re 1.00
- Star Utsav Movies: Re 1.00
- Star Sports 1 Hindi: Rs 19.00
- Star Sports 2: Rs 6.00
- Star Sports 3: Rs 4.00
- Star Sports First: Rs 1.00
- National Geographic Channel (NGC): Rs 2.00
- Nat Geo Wild: Re 1.00

​6. Discovery Channels: The price of Discovery channels start at Re 1 per month​ (

Discovery channel includes:
- Discovery Channel: Rs 4.00
- Animal Planet: Rs 2.00
- TLC: Rs 2.00
- Discovery Kids Channel: Rs 3.00
- Dsport: Rs 4.00
- Discovery Jeet: Re 1.00
- Discovery Science: Re 1.00
- Discovery Turbo: Re 1.00

​7. TV Today Channels: The price of TV Today channels start at 25 paise per month​ (

TV Today channels include:
- Aaj Tak: Rs 0.75
- Aaj Tak Tez: Rs 0.25
- India Today: Re 1.00

8. NDTV Channels: The price of NDTV channels start at Re 1 per month

NDTV channels include:
- NDTV 24*7: Rs 3.00
- NDTV India: Rs 1.00
- NDTV Profit: Rs 1.00
- Good Times: Rs 1.50

​9. Turner International Pvt Ltd Channels: The price of Turner International Pvt Ltd channels start at Rs 4.25

Turner International Pvt Ltd. channels include:
- Cartoon Network: Rs 4.25
- POGO: Rs 4.25
- CNN International: 50 paise
- HBO: Rs 10.00
- WB: Re 1.00

​10. Disney Channels: The price of Disney channels start at Re 1 per month

Disney channels include:
- The Disney Channel: Rs 8.00
- Disney XD: Rs 4.00
- Hungama TV: Rs 6.00
- Disney Junior: Rs 4.00
- UTV Action: Rs 2.00
- UTV Bindass: Re 1.00
- UTV Movies: Rs 2.00

​11. Times Network Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Times Network Bouquet pack starts at Rs 5 per month (

Times pack includes:
- Bouquet 1: Rs 5
- Bouquet 2: Rs 13
- Bouquet 3: Rs 20
- Bouquet 4: Rs 6

​​12. Zee Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Zee Bouquet pack starts at Rs 45 per month

Zee bouquet pack includes:
- Zee Family Pack Hindi SD: Rs 45
- Zee Family Pack Hindi HD: Rs 60
- Zee All-in-1 Pack Hindi SD: Rs 60
- Zee Family Pack Marathi SD: Rs 60
- Zee All-in-1 Pack Hindi HD: Rs 85
- Zee All-in-1 Pack All South HD: Rs 120

13. Network 18 Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Network 18 Bouquet pack starts at Rs 22 per month (

Network 18 bouquet pack includes:
- Hindi Budget (SD): Rs 22
- Hindi Value (SD): Rs 25
- Hindi Family (SD): Rs 35
- Hindi budget (HD): Rs 32
- Hindi Value (HD): Rs 35
- Hindi Family (HD): Rs 50

​14. Sony Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Sony Bouquet pack starts at Rs 31 per month

Sony bouquet pack includes:
- Happy India 31 (A and B): Rs 31
- Happy India 39: Rs 39
- Happy India Platinum 69: Rs 69
- Happy India Sports 31: Rs 31
- Happy India English 12: Rs 12
- Happy India Sports + English 47: Rs 47
- Happy India HD 59: Rs 59
- Happy India Sports HD 48: Rs 48
- Happy India Platinum HD 90: Rs 90

​15. Star Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Star Bouquet pack starts at Rs 49

Star bouquet pack includes:
- Hindi Value (SD) Rs 49
- Hindi Premium (SD) Rs 79
- Hindi HD Value: Rs 85
- Hindi HD Premium: Rs 120

​16. Discovery Bouquet Packs: The price of basic Discovery Bouquet pack starts at Rs 8 per month (

Discovery Bouquet pack includes:
- Family Pack: Rs 8
- Sports Pack: Rs 7
- HD Bouquet 1-Family HD Pack: Rs 9
- HD Bouquet 2-Family HD Pack: Rs 8.50
- HD Bouquet 3-Family HD Pack: Rs 7.50

17. ​TV Today Bouquet Packs: The price of basic TV Today Bouquet pack starts at 50 paise month

TV Today pack includes:
- Hindi News Bouquet: Rs 0.50
- TVTN News Bouquet: Re 1
- Hindi News HD Bouquet: Re 1
- TVTN News HD Bouquet: Rs 1.50

And, the D-Day has finally arrived.

Effective February 1st, TRAI’s new cable TV rules will be implemented pan-India, which effectively changes everything about the cable and DTH industry in India.

The new Cable TV rules, which were originally planned for December 28th, was postponed to February 1st as customers were not aware of the actual changes.

But now, no extension will be made, and the deadline is final.

Here are 7 questions and their answers which every cable TV user should be aware of, effective February 1st, 2019:

New Cable TV Rules: 7 Questions Which Every Cable TV User Is Asking In India

New Cable TV Rules: 7 Questions Which Every Cable TV User Is Asking In India
New Cable TV Rules: 7 Questions Which Every Cable TV User Is Asking In India

I have selected longterm/annual plans. What will happen now?

All long term and annual plans have been canceled, effective February 1st. This means that if you have selected a 2-year plan as on October, 2018, then the plan is now nullified, and canceled.

However, don’t panic. The remaining amount, on a prorated basis, will be refunded back to your respective DTH/Cable account, which can be used for selecting a new plan and new channels.

You won’t lose a single penny.

I have not selected any new plan. What will happen now?

In case you fail to choose any new plan based on the new Cable TV rules, then there won’t be any blackout. TRAI has assured that users that DTH/Cable companies cannot blackout your TV after February 1st.

In case no plan is selected, you will be transferred to the basic pack of Rs 130 plus GST, which is Rs 154, wherein you will be eligible to watch 100 channels. As you have selected no pack, there will be no pay channels or bouquet in this base pack, and you can watch only 100 FTA channels.

What Is Base Pack? What is à la carte system?

Base pack is the technical term for the minimum fees which cable TV/DTH user needs to pay to access channels. This is Rs 130 plus GST, which comes to Rs 154.

Hence, base pack is the minimum amount which needs to be paid to access cable tv.

A` la carte system is when you choose your own channels, individually: Every pay channel has an MRP, which you need to pay separately.

What is the new Cable TV Tariff? Explain Like I Am Five

The new Cable TV Tariff is the new, revolutionary way to access TV channels.

Govt. has mandated that a network connect fees or the base pack has to be paid by every user, which is Rs 130 plus GST (Rs 154). After paying this, the user will be able to access 100 channels.

These 100 channels can be FTA (Free to Air) or pay channels. FTAs are free, but for pay channels, you need to pay the respective amount for each channel.

Hence, if you choose 5 pay channels, whose individual price is Rs 5, then you will need to pay: Rs 130 (plus GST) + Rs 25 (5*5).

If you want to access more channels, above 100, then you need to pay as per slabs: Rs 20 for 25 extra channels.

What If I select all the channels available in India?

Rs 6137 is the total charge, if a customer subscribes to all the channels available in India. However, if he uses bouquets and packs offered by DTH and broadcasters, then the expense can come down to Rs 5023.

There are total of 559 FTA or Free to Air channels, and 330 pay channels. The FTAs also include the mandatory 25 DD channels.

Will my Cable TV expense come down? Or go up?

This is a tricky question.

As per TRAI’s and BARC’s research, an average household only watched 50 channels.

As of now, the customer is paying on an average Rs 350-400 for accessing 300+ channels, while he watches only 50 or even less. Hence, it is expected that once the customer is able to freely add/delete channels from the base pack of 100 channels, the overall cost will come down.

TRAI has repeatedly said that the overall cost of cable TV will now come down.

But again, it depends on case to case.

How Will the invoice be generated now?

From now on, there will be two parts of the invoice: a) Network connect fees of Rs 130 plus GST and b) Content charges for the pay channels.

Tata Sky has removed the network charges for some additional channels, and Sun Direct has removed additional fees for all channels.

Happy New Year, everyone! What better way to celebrate than with a metric ton of new shows and movies on Netflix? That’s exactly what the streaming service has in store for this month, with a bunch of new and returning originals set to drop over the course of the next few weeks. In terms of licensed content, January’s selection is highlighted by all four Indiana Jones movies, Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight, The Departed, and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

As for originals, The Punisher returns for its sophomore season (and what will likely be its last season if Netflix plans to cancel all of its Marvel shows), while Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will wrap up its fourth and final season. And it didn’t quite make our list, but the third season of A Series of Unfortunate Events arrives this month too.

The 10 best movies and shows coming to Netflix in January 2019

The 10 best movies and shows coming to Netflix in January 2019
The 10 best movies and shows coming to Netflix in January 2019
Here are the ten best shows and movies slated to hit Netflix in the month of January:

Pan’s Labyrinth (January 1st)
Pulp Fiction (January 1st)
The Dark Knight (January 1st)
The Departed (January 1st)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (January 2nd)
The Punisher: Season 2 (January 18th)
Ant-Man and the Wasp (January 29th)
Incredibles 2 (January 30th)
Now that you’ve seen the best, be sure to take a look at the rest — here’s the full list of everything that will be added to Netflix’s catalog this month. And here’s the full list of everything that will be removed from Netflix in January, in case you want to watch these shows and movies before they expire.

Finally, the list of all FTA or Free-To-Air channels is out, as shared by the broadcasters with TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

This list of FTA channels, which are free to air, and can be accessed by anyone having any dish is crucial, as users only need to pay Rs 130 plus GST to access them.

Besides, users of DD Free Dish can access these FTA channels as well, after paying Rs 130 plus GST.

TRAI New Cable TV Rules: How FTA Channels Will Work

Under TRAI’s new rules, a user of cable or DTH is eligible to access 100 FTA or Free to Air channels, under the base pack, wherein Rs 130 (plus GST) is charged as network connect fee.

Now, in case that customer has chosen only 60 FTA or Free to Air channels, then he or she can choose 40 more and complete the list. However, in case the user chooses pay channels, then extra amount needs to be paid, as determined by the broadcaster and the cable operator.

Complete List Of 230 + Free-To-Air (FTA) Channels Under The New Cable TV Rules

Complete List Of 230 + Free-To-Air (FTA) Channels Under The New Cable TV Rules
Complete List Of 230 + Free-To-Air (FTA) Channels Under The New Cable TV Rules
Adding extra channels would incur Rs 25 for a slab of 20 channels, as mentioned by TRAI.

Complete List Of FTA Channels

Hindi Channels

  • Dangal
  • DD India
  • DD MP
  • DD National
  • DD Rajasthan
  • DD Bharti
  • DD Kisan
  • Divyarashi
  • Gemporia Direct
  • B4U Movies
  • Cinema TV
  • Enter 10
  • Maha Movies
  • Skystar Movies
  • Wow Cinema
  • 9X Jalwa
  • B4U Music
  • Mastii
  • Music India
  • Songdew
  • ABP News
  • DD News
  • India News
  • India TV
  • JK 24 *7
  • Loksabha TV
  • News Nation
  • Rajya Sabha
  • Sudarshan News
  • Total TV
  • Aastha
  • Aastha Bhajan
  • Arihant
  • Disha TV
  • Divya TV
  • Ishwar TV
  • Jinvani
  • Mahavira TV
  • Paras Gold
  • Mahavira TV
  • Paras Gold
  • Sanskar
  • Satsang TV
  • Homeshop 18
  • Nt 1
  • ShopCJ
  • DD Sports

Bengali Channels

  • Aakaash Aath
  • DD Bangla
  • Ruposhi Bangla
  • Dhoom Music
  • Music Faatafaati
  • Sangeet Bangla
  • Bangla Times
  • Kolkata TV
  • News Time

Malayalam Channels

  • Amrita TV
  • DD Malayalam
  • Flowers
  • Jai Hind
  • Janam TV
  • Jeevan TV
  • Kairali
  • Kappa TV
  • Kaumudi TV
  • Mazhavil Manorma
  • Mazhavil Manorma HD
  • Media One
  • We
  • Safari TV
  • Asianet News
  • Raj Musix Malayalam
  • Mangalam
  • Manorama News
  • Matrubhumi
  • People
  • Reporter
  • Raj News Malayalam
  • Darshana
  • Harvest TV
  • Power Vision TV
  • Shalom
  • Nt 3

Marathi Channels

  • DD Sahyadri
  • Maiboli
  • Fakt Marathi
  • 9X Jhakkas
  • Sangeet Marathi
  • Jai Maharashtra
  • Saam TV
  • TV9 Marathi

Kannada Channels

  • DD Chandana
  • Kasturi
  • Ayush TV
  • Saral Jeevan
  • Public Movies
  • Public Music
  • BTV News
  • Dighvijay 24 * 7 News
  • News 9
  • Public TV
  • Raj News Kannada
  • Suvarna 24 * 7 News
  • TV1 News
  • TV5 Kannada
  • TV9 Karnataka
  • Sri Sankara
  • Naaptol Kannada

Odiya Channels

  • DD Odia
  • Kalinga News
  • Kanak News
  • MBC TV
  • OTV
  • Prameya News 7

English Channels

  • 9XO
  • Al Jazeera
  • India Ahead
  • Republic TV
  • Russia TV
  • God TV
  • Goodness TV
  • Peace of Mind

Tamil Channels

  • MK Six
  • Captain TV
  • DD Podhigai
  • Imayam TV
  • Kalaignar TV
  • Malai Murasu
  • MK TV
  • Murasu
  • Peppers TV
  • Polimer TV
  • Puthu Yugam
  • Siripoli
  • Super TV
  • Thanthi TV
  • Vasanth TV
  • Vendhar TV
  • 7S Music
  • Isaiyaruvi
  • MK Tunes
  • Sahana TV
  • Captain News
  • Cauveri News
  • Kailinger Saithi
  • Lotus News
  • Makkal TV
  • News 7
  • Polimer News
  • Puthiya Thalainga
  • Sathiyam
  • Tamilan TV
  • Velichan TV
  • Angel TV
  • Madha
  • Nambikkai
  • Sai TV
  • SVBC 2
  • Win TV
  • Naaptol Tamil

Punjabi Channels

  • DD Punjabi
  • PTC Punjabi
  • Pitaara TV
  • MH1 Music
  • PTC Chakde
  • Chardikala Time
  • PTC News
  • MH1 Shraddha

Urdu Channels

  • DD Urbu
  • DD Kashir
  • Gulistan News
  • Channel Win

Gujarati Channels

  • DD Girnar
  • ABP Asmita
  • GS TV
  • Sandesh News
  • TV9 Gujarati
  • V TV

Asamese Channels

  • DD NorthEast
  • Jonack
  • Nepal One
  • Rang
  • Rengoni
  • Ramdhenu
  • Assam Talks 24
  • DY 356
  • NewsLive
  • Prag
  • Protidin Times
  • Bhojpuri
  • Anjaan TV
  • Dabang
  • DD Bihar
  • Bjojpuri Cinema
  • Shaandaar
  • Sangeet Bhojpuri

Telugu Channels

  • DD Saptagiri
  • DD Yadagiri
  • Studio One+
  • Vanitha TV
  • Raj Musix Telugu
  • 10 TV
  • 99 TV
  • ABN Andhra Jyoti
  • AP 24 *7
  • CVR English
  • CVR News
  • CVR Health
  • Hm TV
  • Mahaa News
  • Mojo TV
  • NTV News
  • Raj News Telugu
  • Sakshi TV
  • Studio N
  • T News
  • TV1
  • TV5 Telugu News
  • TV9 Telugu News
  • V6 News
  • Aradhana
  • Bhakti TV
  • CVR Spiritual
  • Divyavaani TV
  • Hindu Dharman
  • Rajumargan TV
  • Subhavaartha TV
  • SVBC
  • Naaptol Telugu
Here is the list of all FTA channels, along with Pay channels, as shared by TRAI on their website.

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